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Using Facebook to Boost Your Sales

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On November - 12 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Are you using Facebook for your business?  If you’re not, you should be.  Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide.  It’s an audience that is looking for information and content and is just waiting for you to reach out to them.  It is an ideal form of social media for business to consumer businesses as it provides...

Adopting a Responsive Website Design

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On August - 21 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

Mobile phones and tablets are the present and future of marketing.  As a matter of fact, social media marketers have said that 2014 is the year of mobile marketing.  Businesses need to be prepared for this mobile-friendly world yet, their websites still need to be adaptable for desktop computers.  There are two ways...

In real estate, location is considered to be one of the most important factors affecting the value of any property. In digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, location is one of the most important factors driving conversion. Providing the right information for local search helps bring consumers to your site, improves...

Without a coordinated plan for digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, reaching the thousands of potential customers isn't likely. But in the midst of managing your business, what's the best path to online success? It's not a simple linear path, but one that comes full circle (360 degrees) by linking together various...

You'll hear it over and over again – fresh and relevant content is vital to your digital marketing and SEO in Trinidad and Tobago.  There are several forms of content that are helpful, but blogging should be a regular practice for your business. So you begin writing an interesting, helpful blog; but what else can...

3 Easy Steps for Blogging Your Way to Digital Marketing Success

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On April - 22 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

If you are truly invested in creating  effective digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, blogging should be one of the key tools in your arsenal. Well written company blogs can serve several purposes, including increased website traffic though improved search engine rankings, generating more traffic through sharing,...

Companies looking to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) in Trinidad and Tobago could find themselves entering an ever-changing landscape. Goggle updates like Panda and Hummingbird are meant to weed out spam and low quality content. These algorithms also have marketers guessing at how to attract visitors without...

Online Marketing – Trends for 2014

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On January - 6 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

So long 2013, the New Year is here and so are new online marketing trends.  Looking back on 2013, there were two prevalent themes, video and content.  Video was everywhere, whether short or long, embedded in a website or placed on Vine or Instagram, it was the ticket for 2013.  Content also took a front seat in 2013...

Effectively Improving Customer Communications

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On December - 19 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

Customers are the heart of any business.  It is what marketers focus on day in and day out, how to please their customers.  This means effectively communicating with them and providing what they need.  It sounds easy but it’d harder than it sounds.  With so many ways to touch a customer, sometimes it’s hard to know...

Effectively Evaluating Your Digital Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On November - 6 - 2013ADD COMMENTS

There's the easy road in life and then there's the one that is more challenging but takes you further. The same can be said for evaluating your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. Analytics, or the systematic computational analysis of data and statistics, is the road to evaluating your online marketing. But which...

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