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Any building will only be as strong as it’s foundation. Without a solid base, the digital marketing plan you construct will not hold up either. Without a doubt, your website is that foundation. Many businesses build a site, only to let it weaken through neglect. Once that base is gone, you can see the rest crumble. Savvy marketers know that starting with a well constructed base, and then reinforcing it routinely, makes their marketing efforts work.

Establishing an online presence can get the conversations going, and can help you to manage your customer relationships. However, without a solid website to refer them to, you are simply leaving out most of the equation.


A well designed site not only provides information, allowing customers to learn about you and your offerings. It also allows you to learn about your customers. Behavioral targeting can be performed on your site, helping you to discover where your customers are going, how much time they spend there, and where they click. Gathering this type of data better informs your online marketing strategy. After all, pushing messages about the things truly interested customers aren’t looking for gets you nowhere.


Creating customer profiles from your site and using them to focus your digital marketing strategy means you can laser target your ads and messages to attract consumers with high interest in your offerings. If those messages are well executed, they will increase the number of visits from interested readers. This is more likely to result in conversions.


There’s a lot of talk about generating new content to boost your online visibility. Having fresh content on your website, creates a cycle that drives customers to your site, and then back again. Having a website where you can post blogs, introduce new products and services, or post customer reviews and comments will aid your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.


A relevant, current and well designed website can work with your other efforts to create the engagement cycle you are looking for. Websites with social sharing buttons lead people to your social sites, and social sites can spread your name and reputation, leading people back to your web pages.


Don’t create a site only to leave it static. A site that is ‘alive’ and interactive can aid all of the online marketing efforts you place elsewhere. But remember… don’t clutter your page. You have a mere seconds to grab attention… so make your point, highlight your offerings, and be sure to include social sharing, calls to action, and opportunities for engagement. Think of your website not only as the foundation, but also as the lobby… it welcomes customers, shows them where to go to get what they need, and provides them the means to get there. Make it attractive, functional, and easy to find.


Cutting-edge design in websites may not suit every business, but take a look at a “new revolution” in horizontal web design from Design Week.


How often do you update your website? What strategies do you use to generate traffic?


Do you have any questions about how to create an interactive web page, or how to tie it to your digital marketing efforts, contact us today and we can help you determine what you need.

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