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Having a marketable website is the foundation of digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. Without a well developed site, all the social media and email marketing you plan won’t lead to much. Visitors need to be directed to a site that is not only eye catching and functional, but that also speaks to their needs.

Often a lot of time and money are invested in creating a company’s website, but it doesn’t always translate to more business. To develop a truly marketable site, you almost need to walk a fine line between two worlds. The skills needed to achieve this are a bit of mind reading, and a lot of research.

While there are many technical elements that go into creating effective sites, including meta data and various other optimization techniques, this post will focus on the visible, creative content you need. Choice of colors and style is important, but that is ‘personal’ to each and every business and the image they want to project. We want to focus on the universal elements of content and ease.


First, let’s talk content. There’s a lot of talk about what constitutes quality. Search engines look for quality content when ranking sites. Google Webmaster Central posted about this more than a year ago, but it’s still relevant information today. You can read what they said about it here. There are helpful questions asked about what makes a site high quality.

Many of those questions revolve around how trusted an authority is the provider of the information, how well crafted is the content, and how original is the content on a page. In other words, is the content just keyword-stuffed rehashing of other articles, or is there some value to what’s written?

You have to walk that line between mind reading and real researching to generate valuable content on your site.  Being seen as relevant and valuable is needed for positive search results, and to hold viewers on your site long enough to engage.

Mind Reading

We write often about knowing your business, and knowing your customer. It sounds simplistic, but it’s truly a vital piece of the puzzle. Knowing what content to put on your site, means knowing what those people are looking for. Ask yourself, “what need do we fulfill?” Not, “what do we want to present. “

When it comes to search, you’ll want to have keywords used effectively throughout your content. You can’t select those phrases in a vacuum. You need to get into the mind of the customer and determine how are they performing their search. This will vary depending on what stage of the buying cycle they are in.

If they’re simply researching, you’ll want more generalized keyword phrases, but you’ll also need more targeted keyword phrases for people looking to purchase.


Figuring out how potential customers might be performing their search is just the first step. Next, you’ll need to do some research on those keyword phrases. What is the competition, and what is the volume? What happens to those numbers if I tweak the phrase just a bit?

You may also want to discover what your competition actually is when those phrases are entered. Are you in the right place?

Putting it all together

Once you’ve determined the best keywords, your next step is to marry content with keywords, and use them effectively for each page. This should be intuitive. Know what each page will be used for, and what language should be visible to make the process easier for your viewers.

If they are researching and come to an informational page, keep it simple. At this point, they want quick and easy information about you and what you have to offer. Don’t provide too much detail, but do provide a “next step”. This could be a button that says “more information”, or “view our products”.

On purchase pages, again, get into the minds of the customer. What actions will they take, and how can you make it easier.

  •   Don’t make them search for what they need, make it available in an easy to understand and to view format.
  •   Always have a way they can contact you.
  •   Provide social sharing buttons that are easily visible.
  •   Use forms on each page to gather information about your visitors, but nothing too lengthy or invasive.

Try it

Again do a little research and go through the process yourself. Try researching an item, then proceeding to a purchase phase. What obstacles do you encounter? What do you find that makes the process easy and enjoyable? Use that information in creating your site.

Digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago requires you to be part researcher and part mind reader. It also calls for investing time and effort, and being flexible enough create, to update, or to change what isn’t working to make your website more marketable.

Would you like to know how to pull all of these elements together? Reach out to us and we can walk you through the process.

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