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The Value of Social Media Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On November - 19 - 2012

What is valuable? The answer to that question depends on several factors. If you’re a business that’s employing a certain marketing tactic, the value of it depends on what you’re hoping to accomplish. While there should be little doubt that social media marketing in Trinidad and Tobago is of some value to your business, how do you maximize it’s worth?

What you can accomplish

Too often companies believe that social media marketing is solely for the purpose of increasing awareness through followers and likes. Social media marketing in Trinidad and Tobago can be much more of a “work-horse” than you might imagine.

The integration of social media marketing into your sales process can yield several benefits.

  • Brand awareness/visibility
  • Improved search rankings
  • Lead generation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Increased sales

Looking at the last entry on the list, it’s easy to see the value. If social media marketing has been definitively linked to an increase in sales, then it’s value to you is easily measurable. When it comes to the other areas listed above, the answer is less obvious.

Achieving the other items on the list, while not readily measured monetarily, certainly has value because it can ultimately lead to those increased sales. Only an integration of goals and methods can bring success with social media marketing in Trinidad and Tobago.

How to go about the process

In other words, view social media marketing as a many pronged approach. There are dozens of statistics that tell the story of social media elements separately, such as as how many users, numbers of businesses deeming them vital, etc…. (see some of these facts compiled by Jeff Bulla.)  It’s not until you find the right blend of strategies that real results can be seen.

Think of it this way. Are you more likely to see better results because you have a Facebook page with routinely posted information that has drawn thousands of likes, or if that same page promotes your blog, is promoted on your website, and variations of the content are spread across other social media channels?

The latter works better for several reasons. It pulls in more viewers, for one. When appropriate keywords are used,  and more people engage (re-tweet, comment, share) it can improve search rankings. Reaching higher search rankings will ultimately deliver more qualified consumers. If they can’t find you, you don’t exist.

Many businesses aren’t able to accomplish what they hope with social media marketing because they don’t begin with setting goals first. Without understanding your goals, how do you know what tactics to use, and what metrics to use to measure success?

Hopefully, you have several goals in mind. Make them specific, measurable, and reasonable. Next, you’ll need to plan your course of action.

  • Determine which channels best suit each goal, and what type of campaign needs to be waged in each channel.
  • Create a specific plan for posting content.
  • Integrate all social properties with each other, and with your website.
  • Lay out a plan of action for responding to customer comments and concerns.

How does social media marketing push consumers to act?

The customer journey follows a typical pattern. Take a look at how social media can engage consumers throughout.

  1. Awareness/consideration: They hear about your brand through friends social media comments and likes.
  2. Evaluation: They determine if your offering meets their needs, and read reviews to aid in the decision-making process.
  3. Engagement: Consumers make a purchase and can provide feedback, or get customer relationship management through social media that is effectively monitored.
  4. Advocate: Customers can become advocates, thus deepening their connection to your brand, and also triggering the process for another consumer (see step 1).

To see the real value in social media marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, don’t simply focus on money (though that is ultimately the biggest goal of any marketing campaign). Consider what it takes these days to get people’s attention, win their trust and their business, maintain their loyalty, and promote their advocacy. Using social media to accomplish these goals is the most efficient way to accomplish all of that. Once you’ve achieved those goals, you will have reached that end result of increased financial success.

The social media landscape can be confusing to master, and determining goals, creating campaigns, and monitoring results can be time consuming. If you’d like some expert help in engaging in an integrated social media marketing campaign in Trinidad and Tobago, contact us today.

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