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Big Data and How it Helps Your Digital Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On December - 17 - 2012

Are you struggling to understand your customer’s behavior? Are you looking for ways to determine your next move when it comes to digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago? The rise of Big Data  as a strategy marks a shift in online marketing efforts. It takes you from tunnel vision to wide screen viewing for creating your marketing plan.

You may be analyzing your social media efforts to determine how well you’re doing, but what does that mean? You need to understand what your customers are doing, and how they are interacting with you at multiple touch points. Generating a larger, overall view of how consumers behave with all of your online properties is the goal of Big Data.

It’s a process of information gathering, analyzing, and evaluating that will help you avoid wasted efforts. It will also make your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago more responsive to consumer needs. Big Data is evolving, and will continue to do so.

According to eMarketer, retailers benefit most from Big Data, but all businesses need to get better at collecting and analyzing their customers. It’s no longer enough to have a presence, you need to have a purpose and a plan. If  it’s well executed, your email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing will ultimately seem tailor-made for your customers. Your website and content will call to them.

While Big Data is most helpful for segmenting and targeting customers with your digital marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s also useful for new product strategy, operations and delivery, and for customer service. Big Data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding consumer preferences
  • Understanding previous transactions
  • Analyzing social media interactions
  • Analyzing mobile interactions

In other words, it’s about getting to know your consumers as a whole, then being able to take that information and create an experience tailored to them.

There are more than a hundred analytic tools you can use to begin your Big Data journey. Here is a list of the most mentioned, or recommended tools:

You may have heard of some of these, or are even using one. You’ll need to take the information they generate about your website, your social media, your mobile marketing and your blog, and merge it with any brick and mortar data, phone calls, and other customer interaction. Then, and here’s the important part, figure out how you can devise a strategy that speaks to what your consumers are saying and doing.

Understanding your customer is much easier said then done, though. Collecting and analyzing all that data is time consuming. However, if you can accomplish this, you will have a more laser-focused marketing plan. Ultimately, this will yield greater results and save time in the long run. No more time wasted on strategies that are in “test” mode.

Do you need help sorting through the tools and strategies to make the most of Big Data? Do you want to learn how to be more in touch with consumers? Talk with us and we’ll guide you through the process.

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