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The One Thing You Need For Online Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On January - 28 - 2013

While there are a lot of elements that go into effective online marketing in Trinidad and Tobago, there is one that is becoming more of a necessity than ever – video. If you want all eyes on your company, then your online properties should include well produced, informative or entertaining videos. Here we will tell you about the incredible growth of video as a marketing tool, and some simple tips to make your video campaign a success.

Video is engaging, it’s also memorable. If consumers are more likely to watch a video and remember it, then why wouldn’t you make it a regular part of your strategy for online marketing in Trinidad and Tobago? Business 2 Community culled research about video, and from that, and other studies,  we found that there are 3 areas where videos are increasingly effective.

  • Prompting purchases and aiding in research
  • Increasing click-through rates for emails
  • Search

Research and purchase

These days there are so many messages coming at people from a variety of sources. People’s attention is being spread thin, and understandably, they need a break. That’s why, in many instances, people are more likely to watch a video than to read a long block of print. They will also spend twice as long viewing a video than pouring over large chunks of text.

TIP: If you are trying to explain a detailed concept, then video could help keep viewers on track. Rather than writing out pages of information, break it up with a brief video explaining the concept.

Videos also provide confidence to consumers. Kissmetrics reports that once a consumer has seen a video about a product they are 64-85% more likely to buy it. Of those folks, more than half of them say watching the video makes them more confident about their purchase.

TRY: If you can produce a professional-looking video that explains your product in under 2 minutes, then you have a valuable sales tool. Be sure to include a clear call to action.

Enticing email

Videos get attention, that’s why putting them in your email marketing campaign could help increase click rates. Some reports say the increase could be as high as 96%.  According to numbers compiled by Inovo, it has been known to increase click-through rates by 2 or 3 times than without video, and can reduce subscriber opt-outs by 75% if included in an introductory campaign.

TRY: Introduce yourself with a slick, brief video message that has a play button on your video thumbnail and  you’re more likely to get a response.


Online marketing in Trinidad and Tobago is about search engine optimization as much as it’s about engagement and click-through rates. To get noticed in the first place, you want to be higher in the SERP’s, or search engine page rankings. Video can help with that.

KNOW: According to Social Magnets infographic, video is 53% more likely to appear in a Google search. It can also drive your Facebook engagement because posts with video are given more weight in search algorithms.

One more thing

Video viewing on mobile devices is increasing. There are predictions that there could be as much as a 20% increase in people watching mobile video this year, according to eMarketer. Get in on the action by producing short, simple videos for mobile screens. Keep the images simple and larger than typically found in other videos and you’re in business.

Some basic tips for videos

  • Target your videos to a specific topic using researched keywords
  • Keep it brief and simple
  • Find a way to make it entertaining or interesting – not dry
  • Give it a professional look in order to be taken seriously
  • Update Videos – keep them fresh
  • Use them in email campaigns, social media, blogs, and on your website. Syndicate them on other sources.

To give you an idea of a simple, yet well produced informative video,  here’s a one about lighting products for videos. It is brief, helpful, and professional. You may even be able to put this to good use!

Lighting tips

With over half of internet traffic coming from videos, and that number expected to rise to nearly 90% by 2015, it’s clear that video is not a novelty. It is truly a useful, memorable, and engaging tool for online marketing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Learn how you can incorporate videos in you online marketing strategy by contacting us today.

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