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Keywords That Will Actually Help Your SEO in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On February - 25 - 2013

The science of search is not really an exact science. There are factors that change and flow with time. One thing, however, is a constant. The keyword phrases you use could make, or break your SEO in Trinidad and Tobago.

The goal

Keywords or keyword phrases used in your online properties should be researched and tested. Determining which phrases are best is a bit like taking aim at a dartboard. It’s fair to say with some certainty that you will hit the board most of the time and score a few points. What everyone is aiming for, though, is that bulls-eye.

So just how can you score a bulls-eye with your keyword phrases? Where do they need to go? The process takes some research. You’ll also need to channel potential customers and conduct test searches of your own. Whatever tool you use to determine keywords, whether it’s Google Adwords or KeywordSpy, don’t stop there.


So often it’s the keywords with the highest search volume that grab attention of those wanting to improve SEO. But does high volume necessarily guarantee that they are relevant? Keep this information in mind when selecting keywords for your content:

  •  High search volume also means high competition. It’s going to tough knocking older, more established businesses out of top page rankings. If you’re new, try some moderate volume search terms and then follow the rest of the ideas below.
  •  People’s search habits may change over a period of time. Keep checking and make changes.One day the favored search term could be “heels”, but in time, that may shift to “platforms” or “stilettos”.
  •  Long tail keywords will be more targeted. Casting a wide net is not always the best way to catch the fish. Get specific, and get the right consumer.

Once you’ve settled on some phrases, Search EngineLand recommends testing them out with a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. If you track the conversions from these words, you’ll have a better idea how close you are to finding the right words. Again, it’s the “not-so-exact” science of keywords for SEO.

Knowing where to place your keywords and what variations to use can also determine your success. Think in terms of product categories, and use phrases that are a natural fit to the page they are on.

Grab attention

Another “must” for improved SEO is to have unique description for display in a Google search. Often the display snippets you see are created by Google directly from the content on your site. Write an eye catching message with variations on keywords and phrases and you’re more likely to be noticed. Think of all words and word variants, phrases and descriptions that pull in your specific customer.

There is no definitive number, but sources at Google say there are roughly 1 billion searches conducted per day. They aren’t all be looking for you, but wouldn’t you like to get as many of those as are relevant?

Choosing the right keywords can unlock the door to more customers and conversions. If you’d like assistance form our experts on SEO in Trinidad and Tobago, contact us and we can work on keyword research and an online campaign for you.

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