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Increase the Power of Email Marketing in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted by Christopher Chin Lee On March - 25 - 2013

Are you using an email marketing in Trinidad and Tobago to help grow your business? If so, are you combining it with social media in a cross-channel campaign? According to a recent study from Implix, emails that include social media sharing buttons increase click-through rates (CTR’s) by anywhere from 30-55%.

The numbers

The study, which looked at data from roughly 500 million emails, concluded that increasing the social sharing icons from 1 to 3 is what accounted for the higher CTR. So with numbers like that, why wouldn’t you tie your email marketing to your social properties?

Another benefit of combining the two marketing strategies is that you increase your reach, or the number of people that share your emails. The more people that see your emails, the more new subscribers you may get. Think of it as a means to cover both marketing channels in a way that allows people to engage with you on several levels, and to share your content easily with others.

How to combine

There are several recommended ways to integrate your email marketing with social media.

  • Include social media icons near the top of the email so that they are easy to find.
  • Ask your subscribers to connect with you on social media and to share your email.
  • Create an email detailing a reward program for anyone connecting with your social media. You can offer a discount that increases for the more friends they recommend, or deals, special information, and discounts for anyone signing on.
  • Promote your emails through social media with Tweets or Facebook posts about them and provide a link.
  • Have an email opt-in form on your Facebook page.
  • Promote your email campaigns with SMS. Have people text their number to you in exchange for a promotional email offer.

Give back

Often people won’t act without a possible reward, so offer your subscribers and followers a little something for signing up. The concept of a giveaway is supported by most marketers, and Business2Community agrees. The size of the deal, discount, or giveaway does not matter, but the fact that you are offering one does.

After all, people who have supplied you with their email address, or take time to share your messages with friends on social media, deserve something in return. Remember, it doesn’t have to be large, and it could even be the chance to receive something that is enough.


Avoid a failed email that doesn’t open in a browser properly or a failed social media link – test your messages. You can always sign up for litmus, a tool that tests email functionality, helps to avoid spam filters, and provides analytics all in one place.


Giving people a choice for how they want to engage with you increases the likelihood that they will stay engaged, buy your product or service, and then continue to share your message. It is possible to increase the power of your email marketing in Trinidad and Tobago. By promoting your emails through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, or by leading people to your social media by placing social media icons in your email, you cover more ground.

It’s time to get an effective email campaign going, so contact us and we’ll provide a free consultation. We can show you how using a cross-channel campaign can help your business grow.

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