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How to Create Motivation and Inspiration For Your Own Business

Posted by Bernadette Chin Lee On June - 7 - 2013

Make it fun. Fun is the Ultimate Motivating Factor. You need to create the fun for yourself. I tried getting my older children to music lessons and they never wanted to go. My younger children have a different teacher. I don’t know if they go to lessons cause they love piano or they love the teacher. Be creative in your business to make it exciting and desirable to motivate you frequently enough to take action. It will be even more fun when you get the results.

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Self Knowledge: Strengths Weaknesses Fears. Jim Rohn says “increase your value” I understood the concept very well but I had to go on a quest to figure out what I needed to get the success I wanted. Money was not my inspiration. Of course I knew I needed more of it, everybody needs more money. I am self motivated at least I thought I was. But the business results were too slow. I knew I had fears. I needed inspiration to conquer my fears. I needed to create motivations for me that would build on my strengths and at the same time highlight my weaknesses. How can anyone fix their weaknesses if they don’t know how to highlight them. I know my weaknesses and I’m in the right place to get the right help. Do you know what will motivate you to get over your fears, build on your strengths, and get you beyond your weaknesses?

Be in the Right Place, Search. Home Based Business of Network Marketing and Direct Sales require you to duplicate your upline. What if your upline does not have what you need. Do you want answers? Inspirations come to you everyday, but if you kill it with your self-talk, you are dead in the water. Are you ready to dig deep? Keep reading and I will give you the information you are looking for.

Pace Yourself. Be realistic in your expectations. When you demand too much in an unrealistic time frame you are only setting yourself up for failure. Ever hear the leaders in network marketing industry say, “If I could do it you could do it.” They also say, “It will not happen until you are ready for it” So my motivation was to be on the move to make myself ready to be inspired, ready to recognise the next skill I needed to implement immediately. I am in the position to serve others’ needs. I have committed my dates to paper. I have committed myself to my family. They are my motivation without even knowing it.

Always be the best student. Listen and Implement while staying committed to what you are improving now. The key to creating motivation for your own business is doing what you have declared to yourself. Do such consistently and patiently. It will happen. Jonathan Register said today “don’t dabble, get focused and make it happen to create results.”

Do not expect that if “XYZ” book inspired you that it will and must inspire everyone in your downline. That mentality will surely kill your organisation. And that my friend is a whole different topic.

Ray Higdon says “Most people work more for recognition than they will for money alone.” Recognise your skills. Motivate yourself to acquire to the skills you need. Invest in yourself to increase your value. Write your inspirations in your journal to build your own business.

Inspirations, Motivations, and How To’s all in one place.



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