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wsi Lifecycle

WSI Lifecycle

Digital Marketing Methodology

Internet Business Analysis (IBA)

We begin with a series of questions; our patent-pending Internet Business Analysis (IBA) reveals the greatest benefits of using Internet technology correctly for your business. The IBA clarifies the way forward to reduce expenses, simplify business processes, and open up new ways to future growth.

Design (of an Internet Presence)

The core of an internet presence ( aka digital footprint) of a company is a website. Today, and going forward, a company needs a website and a responsive mobile website. (intructions to AVAX:hyperlink to what is a responsive mobile website). The fundamental purpose of a website is to tell a visitor that you could satisfy his needs.

A Complex, flashy layout is unnecessary, distracting and will only increase the probability of your visitor leaving without completing a purchase. The purpose of a website is to be the website that google presents to a person searching for your goods and/or services. Design of a website must satisfy both google bots and human viewers.

Build and Test Launch

Your Internet consultant and you will work through this phase to deliver to you an easily managed system; embodying your chosen look and feel from the design phase. Our technical staff tests your Internet Business Solution out before officially launching it.

From Implement to New Evolving Internet Technology Solutions

A business is never stagnant. In today’s technological world solutions are constantly discovered and your consultant can simply offer them as they present themselves.

The best benefit of an ongoing relationship with a WSI Consultant lies in the fact that we do not disappear after the launch phase. It is in their interest to ensure you achieve measurable returns on your internet marketing investment. Your internet consultant treats your website as a marketing investment not an expense.

If you or anyone you know wish to have more information on how internet marketing tools, technological solutions can best reduce expenses,and increase profits CONTACT US today!