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At the age of 7 my uncle asked me, "what do I want to be when I grow up?" I replied quite matter of factly, "I want to be a sleeping housewife." I simply saw my mom working to hard and she was home with us. Fast forward we have 7 children. I home-school 2 of them and have embraced learning and 'becoming'. Given any task, I will read on what others have done before me. I always test my ideas. Now that I manage a digital Agency as a WSI Consultant, the journey has been different and is the hardest task I have ever taken on. Challenges has never stopped me. The reason I can be a Digital Agency as a WSI Consultant is because of the support of the WSI Home Office and the team of >1000 other digital agents all over the world. Digital solutions is my name.

Oswalt Restaurant Supply chooses WSI for Search Engine Marketing


Oswalt Restaurant Supply Logo
Oswalt Restaurant Supply has hired WSI AimHigh Marketing to implement our tried and true SEO methodology in conjunction with a targeted Paid Search campaign. Oswalt Restaurant supply is a leading supplier of commercial quality restaurant equipment and supplies. Their extensive online kitchen and restaurant eCommerce store provides an easy online shopping experience. Oswalt also provides expert commercial kitchen design and construction services. Small differences in kitchen design can have a large impact on restaurant efficiency and profitability. Oswalt is uniquely qualified to create kitchen designs that allow the kitchen staff, from chefs and waiters to dishwashers and clean-up crew, to operate at maximum efficiency.

The services and products provided by Oswalt Restaurant Supply include:

As part of our SEO methodology, WSI created and optimized new web pages reflecting these services, utilizing well researched keywords that restaurant owners and managers use to find restaurant equippers for these products and services. In addition, we have developed a content marketing plan as part of an effective link building strategy, publishing optimized content to platforms such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly,
Usite, and Google+.
WSI is the world’s largest and most innovative Internet Marketing Agency. We truly provide global knowledge and influence for the benefit of Local businesses. The independently owned WSI offices provide the world’s leading Internet Marketing experts. To learn more contact WSI AimHigh Marketing today.

How To Avoid Digital Marketing Pitfalls of Online Competition

digital-marketing-competitionBetter Than The Competition In Digital Marketing


1) In your ad copy you say that you’re the best. Does saying it mean that you are? On a post somewhere in social cyberSpace a customer cries you down.

2) Your marketing budget is bigger than the competition. This allows people to think that your sales revenue is 10X. Therefore your product/service is better. Meanwhile somewhere on the street your employees are telling of what’s going on behind closed books.

Secret to being better than the competition is knowing and holding on to what makes you different from the competition. Transparency in today’s social media world has more weight than what you advertise about yourself.

Out-Ranking The Competition on Search Engines


If I’m in Position #1 then I’m D Best. People will click through to my website and I will make more sales. Not true. Not true. Not true.

Position #1 does have its benefits but the page that your visitor falls on must be valuable and relevant to their search. Your page must delight them in less than 9 secs. or they’ll be gone, never to return. Sometimes position #3 actually works better than Position #2 in terms of number of organic search click throughs.

Secret to ranking on Search Engines; doing great in Organic Search and being on Page1 is

  • having content on your website that is liked by visitors(they rate it by staying long and clicking through to other pages) AND
  • being liked by the spider bots. These are the easiest 2 points that most websites ignore.

Be Like The Competition. Do like them. Copy them.


Common Pitfalls- If I keep an eye on my competition. They’ll never be able to outdo me.

Every time I do a competitive analysis for a client the competition is very different from what they thought. They’re getting chewed and left in the dust by others companies they weren’t even looking at. Not to mention alternative competitors. E.g. If you’re selling cakes your competition isn’t only other cake producing entities. You must even think beyond other desserts.

This concept of doing and copying the competition can also cause you fall into the pit of copying the wrong industry. Many people look at Amazon or Coca Cola and come up with slogans like: “Eat into Happiness” You do get some level of spillover of the other company’s campaign. But customers will never RAVE about you when you’re a copycat.

Do You Really Wanna Know How To Leave The Competition In The Dust?

  1. Find your culture. Define your culture.
  2. Use words that show empathy. Plan your content.
    Social Media is a testing ground.
  3. They’re fed up of being screamed at. Listen.
  4. Run a Competitive Analysis to see where your competition is on Social Media, what keywords they are ranking for, what successful ads they have, and more.

For better results in #DigitalMarketing #SocialSelling WSI looks at the competition. But the focus is more on the company we work with. When your company operates with a good heart and a well-defined digital marketing plan, the competition is non-existent.

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WSI SEO Services Helps Flooring and Carpet Retailer Penetrate Marketshare


Great Western Flooring Boldly Enters Carpet Vertical With WSI SEO Services Great Record

Great Western Flooring started as a tile flooring store in Naperville, and quickly expanded to include many flooring options as they’ve grown over the years.

With an incredible web presence built for tile and hardwood flooring, Great Western Flooring is now ready to grow their carpet business in an extremely aggressive vertical as well as the competitive market in the big city of Chicago.

As with the previous strategies WSI has implemented, our first goal is to provide quality content that educated the consumer about the types of carpet available to them. 

After doing extensive buyer behavior research, we’ve implemented a group of pages to drive traffic to the site:

With a large data base of existing clients as well as having an excellent conversion rate from the current site, GWF has realised the need for a CRM. They will be executing the use of SharpSpring marketing automation CRM and phase into a full inbound strategy in the coming months.

Marketing automation has grown to epic proportions over the last 5 years.  Its value presents itself by taking the sales nurturing to an automated process. Decision to add content is based on lead behavior and interests. Marketing automation qualifies leads when they visit your various web properties (site and social).

Inbound marketing is also content based with a purpose. Marketing automation tracks behavior while Inbound marketing directs the journey of the visitor. Together they deliver qualified leads.

Once implemented, Great Western Flooring sales team are handed qualified leads. Leads are nurtured them with further content that solves their queries, or educates them about hidden pain points. The sales rep simply keeps in contact with them with minimal effort to close the sale.

If you would like to learn more about what Great Western Flooring has to offer, we encourage you to follow them on Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress, or Blogspot.

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StoneSense Contracts WSI to Enhance Local SEO

Ottawa’s Premiere Supplier of Natural Stone Countertops Contracts WSI to Enhance Local SEO

StoneSense is the top fabricator $ supplier in the Ottawa area for natural stone countertops in granite, marble, quartz and onyx. Looking to improve their results in the search engines and increase traffic to their website, they contracted with WSI eStrategies in Ottawa

The master stone cutters of StoneSense are a cut above others in the area, not only choosing the best stone products for their Ottawa and area clients, but handling each piece no less than three times as they see it through cutting, finishing and installation. Rounding out their selection of quality products are an impressive collection of porcelain and stone tiles as well as a wide selection of mosaic materials in glass and natural stone.

After a thorough analysis of StoneSense’s site and keyword research to determine the best search phrases, WSI eStrategies in Ottawa focused on five key pages to target for a local SEO campaign:

Natural Stone Countertops
Granite Countertops Ottawa
Marble Countertops Ottawa
Quartz Countertops Ottawa
Tiles Stores in Ottawa

All five pages were optimized with keyword-rich content and the necessary technical SEO fundamentals needed to ensure search engines could crawl and gather intent behind each page. A content marketing strategy was developed and used as a link-building strategy and enhanced SEO. After just five months, two competitive keywords have been brought to the first page of Google search results and the others have gone from no rank, to the second page! Since engaging WSI eStrategies, the traffic on the client’s site has increased by 500 percent.

In order to really capitalize on our current success, StoneSense and WSI have decided to rebuild and redesign the website in order to add the necessary conversion elements to bring the best possible ROI to the table. We look forward to a newly redesigned website launch in March 2017. We thank StoneSense for trusting WSI with their local SEO search engine optimization efforts.

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Premier Park & Play Engages WSI for SEO and PPC Leads and Sales

Playground Equipment Supplier Massachusetts

Playground Equipment Company Engages WSI For SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing

Premier Park & Play, a playground equipment supplier for schools, parks, campgrounds and child care centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut and other parts of New England, has engaged WSI to implement an SEO strategy and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns to generate leads for the company.  Premier’s products include

The company provides services including the planning, design and construction of playgrounds, installation of playground equipment, and even fundraising campaigns for the client’s playground project. From traditional equipment such as slides and jungle gyms to fantasy themed playground castles, larger than life outdoor musical instruments, and waterplays and splashpads, Premier Park and Play has built many magical playgrounds for towns, schools and non-profit organizations in New England.

The goal of the WSI digital marketing strategy is lead generation. The company had tried trade shows and advertising on industry websites, but the results were not satisfactory. WSI proposed a digital marketing strategy that included website development, SEO and pay per click (PPC) advertising.

First, WSI enhanced the company’s website to include a form for lead generation and a portfolio of playground projects.

Next, we performed comprehensive keyword research and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website.  Then, employing advanced on-page optimization techniques, new web copies were written for those pages, which were optimized for the selected keywords.

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO program will now focus on improving the popularity of the new optimized pages. It will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and increasing positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly.

In addition, a Google Adwords campaign, managed using the intelligent WSI paid search software, will be implemented to generate traffic and hot qualified leads.

WSI’s unique SEO and Adwords strategy monitors results from Google Analytics and the Search Console. Each month WSI will produce a report that includes key performance metrics, previously agreed upon with Premier Park & Play, such as: organic and paid traffic, organic rankings, organic links, conversion and conversion rates. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO and pay-per-click advertising strategies. You’re welcomed to watch the results come in or call to find out how your company can benefit from WSI SEO and PPC strategy that brings in leads and sales for their clients all over the world.

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Thoughtful Presence Retains WSI SEO More Results More Sales

Thoughtful Presence Success with WSI

WSI Digital Marketing today happily welcomes Thoughtful Presence to again experience the SEO more results of more sales. This online retailer ships out unique gift baskets and other specialty gifts. The successful SEO digital marketing programs implemented by WSI has impacted their bottom line and so they are on board for another exciting year with WSI for continued Off-Page SEO Optimization Services.

Thoughtful Presence, located in suburban Chicago, provides personalized gift products and is loved for its excellent design and creative custom gift baskets . The gift basket market is very competitive and to stay in profitable standing without a back-breaking marketing budget that has very little and unknown ROI data; SEO is giving them the results they desire.

Thoughtful Presence must work hard to get their products found when people and companies search online for them, so they have chosen  WSI to remain their partner in this effort.

Thoughtful Presence offers gifts for every special occasion or holiday as well as gift collections by recipient. Popular collections for consumers include:

baby shower gift baskets

sympathy gift baskets

Unique Chicago Cubs gift baskets and a commemorative basket for the first World Series win since 1908. They offer unique gratitude gift sets for teachers, babies, kids, men, women and even pets. Other collections include Chicago themed gifts, housewarming and hostess gifts, gourmet gift collections, holiday collections, travel gifts, spa gifts, seasonal gifts, BBQ gifts, gardening gifts, and of course, birthday, anniversary and graduation gifts. There are many more categories and sets which are categorized by occasion, holiday, recipient, season and theme.

Thoughtful Presence designs and delivers quality, unique, and custom gift baskets made with hand selected gifts from the best gift companies. Sometimes trendy, sometimes classic, always impressive. They take your idea and makes it WOW your recipient. You silently wish you gave it to yourself. Whether for individual gift giving or corporate, they are known for their customization work which make the gifts truly unique and memorable. Each basket can be built to order, ensuring the most personalized gift giving.

Corporate gift baskets are a significant part of their business as company management teams seek out appropriate expressions of customer appreciation and employee recognition. Their gift collections can be completely built to a company’s specification, with company branded items included along with themed gift sets. Their baskets have been used as promotional items, as “thank you” items, and as convention and raffle items, as well as, retirement and anniversary gifts. A gift basket from Thoughtful Presence truly delivers your desired expression of appreciation in a unique way.

Thoughtful Presence has been pleased with WSI digital marketing program. WSI consultant worked on their Big Commerce site as well as the SEO on-page optimization which included improving the site’s copy for better ranking and conversion. SEO on-page strategy and implementation, meant that new categories were introduced to the website. This improved their relevancy score. Without hesitation Thoughtful Presence reengaged WSI’s full SEO program.

6 Month SEO Report More Results More Sales

WSI has been doing the off-page SEO optimization for 6 months. Thoughtful Presence is pleased with the citation building as well as the ongoing blogging. These high quality blog posts are syndicated to TumblrWordPress, Weebly, Google+, Issuu, Ucoz, and Blogger and together are driving these new gift categories up in the search rankings. These website improvements brings in results in the form of more sales that now consistently improves the whole website and that is exactly why they, without a doubt, reengages WSI SEO consultant to continue their digital marketing partnership program.

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Weichert Real Estate Engages WSI for Digital Marketing and National SEO

Local-SEO-Services-Company-Builds-Brand-AwarenessWeichert® Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. Engages WSI for National Franchise Marketing Program.

WSI announces that it has recently partnered with Weichert Real Estate Affiliates Inc. (WREA) based in Morris Plains, NJ to provide comprehensive digital marketing strategy as well as redesign of their franchise website and other digital assets. WSI was selected as part of a broad national strategy to improve brand recognition and increase the presence of new offices across the USA.  The new website can be viewed at

Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. franchised offices can be found in more than 300 markets across 39 states. It is ranked #105 on Entrepreneur’s 38th annual 2017 “Franchise 500®” list, moving up 32 positions over last year.  It marks the 13th consecutive year that WREA has made the list. In contracting WSI, Bill Scavone, president and COO of Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., was seeking a closer partnership with a more experienced digital marketing company who also had experience with the unique needs of both franchisees and franchisors.

Bill Scavone testifies:

“In less than a month we’ve already seen results from WSI, and we feel their business-focused approach and hands-on consultative model will help us meet our growth targets more effectively for 2017 and beyond.”

WSI Digital Marketing Program for National Real Estate Franchise Brand Development

The WSI team reviewed extensive marketing studies on the Weichert® brand and studied, in great detail, the challenges of independent brokers trying to grow. This  dictated the website content strategy, visuals, and overall marketing program, which was developed in close consultation with the marketing team at Weichert Real Estate Affiliates, Inc. .  The Weichert digital marketing program includes both Organic Search Engine Optimization, and a sophisticated paid advertising approach that leverages standard PPC, multiple types of display and remarketing, and Social Media advertising. The goal is to market the key differentiators of the Weichert Franchise System which include:

  1. A sophisticated, high technology online lead generation system for real estate agencies.
  2. Best in class systems for real estate agent marketing and real estate broker marketing.
  3. A proprietary real estate CRM system called WeichertPRO®
  4. Systems for real estate agent recruiting and retention.

Through its elite national branding program, WSI customized a content strategy for WREA through on-page and off-page activities. Using our unique and proprietary techniques of Search Engine Optimization, WSI conducted an in-depth semantic study in order to better understand how customers search for terms related to “brokerage management” and “real estate franchising”. These key search terms were then correlated into the website through strategically written web copy and imagery.  WSI’s National SEO Program will also produce quality blog, graphical, social media and video content to syndicate on external web properties including TumblrWordPressBlogger, and Weebly in addition to several other proprietary content distribution platforms.

Call WSI for a Digital Marketing Brand Overview and/or SEO Services

Being a franchise organization ourselves for over 20 years, WSI has the kind of insight into the needs of the franchisor that few other digital marketing agencies do.  For those looking to see what a truly personalized digital marketing solution looks like, why not give WSI a call today?

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Construction Company Engages WSI SEO Services

Best SEO Services CompanySnyder Langston Construction Company Engages WSI for SEO Services

Snyder Langston, a southern California commercial construction company, has engaged WSI in a unique SEO services program. Snyder Langston has a beautiful responsive website highlighting their broad market sector portfolio. However, they needed some new talent to fill positions in Orange County and Los Angeles to be able to best deliver the pipeline of project opportunities for 2017.

To assist Snyder Langston in their talent acquisition, WSI worked with their Marketing and HR departments to optimize their Career pages, including the specific job opportunities currently being offered. Keyword research was completed and the top, most applicable terms were used to optimize the Careers page and each job description page. These keyword topics included:

construction job opportunities

senior construction project engineer Los Angeles county

senior construction project engineer Orange county

construction project superintendent Los Angeles county

construction project superintendent Orange county

construction project manager Los Angeles county

construction project manager Orange county

construction project engineer

construction internship


Tracking has begun and the newly optimized pages are performing extremely well. Best SEO services company has delivered results. Visits to the career pages have already had a significant increase and page ranking for the career pages is moving up nicely. The goal is to triple the number of visitors to the career pages by end of 2017.

Complementary SEO services to on-page optimization:

WSI added an off-page optimization campaign. This program is an ongoing SEO strategy. The off-page optimization focuses on creating industry specific directory listings designed to build links to the website in the construction job opportunities category.

About Snyder Langston:  Established in 1959, Snyder Langston is a trusted builder to Fortune 500, mid-size, and start-up companies. The firm has evolved into a leader in the Western US, but maintains its strongest presence as one of Southern California’s largest and most respected builders. Snyder Langston has successfully developed millions of square feet of space across virtually every real estate sector.

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Why You Shouldn’t Hustle On Social Media Sites

The One Thing That works and you only need to update once every 6 months is the sections in your Page. Who you are. Why. How. What you do. What you sell. Most importantly. Why your fan is better off buying from you and not the competition.

Facebook is FREE. You just need to open an account and start posting!

Social Media Marketing Hustle

Here are some quick points on Why all that hustle comes to naught on Social Media Sites

Viral Posting – Even if you do get great engagement; going for the viral post that has great engagement is exhausting. Viral posts gets you in first place today in your niche. But if you miss it tomorrow, you’re lost in a blackhole of content most viewers set their thrusters against. Viewers and facebookers are becoming more and more immune to “great” viral posts. In other words it’s getting harder to please them.

Graphic Design Posts – the lifespan of  that post/content that took you 3 days to be happy with…is lost in space after 3 hours Bummer :(

Platform Updates – UGH! now I gotta learn all the differences or even take another course on how to use LinkedIn to have a strong Profile! If the platform decides to update cause they want to capture better data, earn more from their users, step up their value proposition…Your business is screwed. Ignore how they want you to use their platform and you’re left by the wayside.

It’s amazing how many business owners I talk to and they still think that when they post on social media its gotta be about their business and their product. They say, “For people to know about me I have to post about me on Facebook” It’s like the lawyer turn politician. Before he was your friend (he needed your business) now that he got your vote; he’s too busy for you. Posting. Posting. and Posting about your business is telling your visitor. Listen to me. What I’m saying is important.

Social Media is FREE – but at a very hidden, very volatile expense. Your Time. Here is where the Hustle really kills you. You post and post. and you pay no attention to optimising your profile. All your great content is lost in weeks of content. Don’t get busy at work and miss the update from Social Media gurus who post about what you need to back up on your social site because they’re launching a new platform. LinkedIn just recently updated their platform and the Free version just lost a lot of priviledges. Did you download your contact list? Oh well.

Tip on running a promo. Create an event. Talk about the benefits of the promo from several angles over the next few days or weeks during the promotion. Don’t post the same graphic again and again. And again.

The Social Media Euphoric Hustle Let Down

5 years of a great highly engaged fan page. You’re working hard in your business. Then one day you happen to be driving through a different neighbourhood and you see your competition opening a new location. 3 Days of detective work tells you that it’s their 3rd branch. They have a Facebook Page. They have less fans than you. But wait! most of their posts click through to a website…:(

Social Sites Love your hustle but they don’t care about your business. Use Social Sites to drive your fans to a website; your one pixel in cyberspace where you are King (or Queen) of your destiny (and keyword)

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Lawyer Engages WSI SEO Services To Drive Traffic and Generate Website Leads

Executive Employment Lawyer

Executive Employment Lawyer Engages WSI For Web Development and SEO

Robert Adelson, Esq., a well-known Boston business and contracts law attorney has engaged with WSI for SEO services for his executive employment law practice.  For over 20 years, Attorney Adelson has provided his clients with outstanding legal representation in areas of employment agreement, executive compensation, equity and separation matters.

A frequent speaker and author, Rob has written numerous articles in the areas of employment agreements, non-competes and restrictive covenants, compensation, stock, stock options and executive equity terms.

His articles have been published in The Culpepper Letter, Family BusinessBoston Business Journal, Genetic Engineering News and Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology. In addition, Rob’s work as an executive employment attorney in Boston has been recognized in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and other publications.

The goal of the WSI engagement is lead generation. WSI conducted a careful analysis of the web presence and digital marketing activities performed by his previous marketing providers.  The results showed that he has a 12-page responsive website, a 70-page older non-mobile-friendly website, a free WordPress blog with hundreds of pages, a Findlaw profile and four highlights, and a monthly e-newsletter campaign that drives traffic to the WordPress blog.

There was much duplicate content on these web properties and a strategy for content marketing, link building and driving website traffic was lacking.

WSI’s digital marketing solution:

– Rebuild the 70-page website into a NEW responsive website that complies with Google’s mobile friendly standards. Responsive websites enjoy improved Google search results rankings.

– Redirect the 12 page responsive website  to the new website, preserving the links.

– Duplicate content was cleaned up.

– Next, perform comprehensive keyword research on the subject of executive employment and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website.

The keywords focus on what Attorney Adelson does, as well as what he is, i.e., executive employment lawyer.

– Employ advanced on-page optimization techniques. The pages were optimized for the selected keywords and their stems.  Here are several examples of keywords that have been optimized on the site:

Executive Compensation Lawyer

Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

Severance Agreement Lawyer

Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO will now focus on improving the popularity of the new SEO pages through a comprehensive content marketing and local SEO program.

The off-page SEO program will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+ page, writing new articles, posting Rob’s speaker slides on Slideshare, and increasing his positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly. Monthly newsletters will include landing pages on the website to drive traffic to the website.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked.  Key metrics that will be measured each month include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO efforts.

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