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At the age of 7 my uncle asked me, "what do I want to be when I grow up?" I replied quite matter of factly, "I want to be a sleeping housewife." I simply saw my mom working to hard and she was home with us. Fast forward we have 7 children. I home-school 2 of them and have embraced learning and 'becoming'. Given any task, I will read on what others have done before me. I always test my ideas. Now that I manage a digital Agency as a WSI Consultant, the journey has been different and is the hardest task I have ever taken on. Challenges has never stopped me. The reason I can be a Digital Agency as a WSI Consultant is because of the support of the WSI Home Office and the team of >1000 other digital agents all over the world. Digital solutions is my name.

Why You Shouldn’t Hustle On Social Media Sites

The One Thing That works and you only need to update once every 6 months is the sections in your Page. Who you are. Why. How. What you do. What you sell. Most importantly. Why your fan is better off buying from you and not the competition.

Facebook is FREE. You just need to open an account and start posting!

Social Media Marketing Hustle

Here are some quick points on Why all that hustle comes to naught on Social Media Sites

Viral Posting – Even if you do get great engagement; going for the viral post that has great engagement is exhausting. Viral posts gets you in first place today in your niche. But if you miss it tomorrow, you’re lost in a blackhole of content most viewers set their thrusters against. Viewers and facebookers are becoming more and more immune to “great” viral posts. In other words it’s getting harder to please them.

Graphic Design Posts – the lifespan of  that post/content that took you 3 days to be happy with…is lost in space after 3 hours Bummer :(

Platform Updates – UGH! now I gotta learn all the differences or even take another course on how to use LinkedIn to have a strong Profile! If the platform decides to update cause they want to capture better data, earn more from their users, step up their value proposition…Your business is screwed. Ignore how they want you to use their platform and you’re left by the wayside.

It’s amazing how many business owners I talk to and they still think that when they post on social media its gotta be about their business and their product. They say, “For people to know about me I have to post about me on Facebook” It’s like the lawyer turn politician. Before he was your friend (he needed your business) now that he got your vote; he’s too busy for you. Posting. Posting. and Posting about your business is telling your visitor. Listen to me. What I’m saying is important.

Social Media is FREE – but at a very hidden, very volatile expense. Your Time. Here is where the Hustle really kills you. You post and post. and you pay no attention to optimising your profile. All your great content is lost in weeks of content. Don’t get busy at work and miss the update from Social Media gurus who post about what you need to back up on your social site because they’re launching a new platform. LinkedIn just recently updated their platform and the Free version just lost a lot of priviledges. Did you download your contact list? Oh well.

Tip on running a promo. Create an event. Talk about the benefits of the promo from several angles over the next few days or weeks during the promotion. Don’t post the same graphic again and again. And again.

The Social Media Euphoric Hustle Let Down

5 years of a great highly engaged fan page. You’re working hard in your business. Then one day you happen to be driving through a different neighbourhood and you see your competition opening a new location. 3 Days of detective work tells you that it’s their 3rd branch. They have a Facebook Page. They have less fans than you. But wait! most of their posts click through to a website…:(

Social Sites Love your hustle but they don’t care about your business. Use Social Sites to drive your fans to a website; your one pixel in cyberspace where you are King (or Queen) of your destiny (and keyword)

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Lawyer Engages WSI SEO Services To Drive Traffic and Generate Website Leads

Executive Employment Lawyer

Executive Employment Lawyer Engages WSI For Web Development and SEO

Robert Adelson, Esq., a well-known Boston business and contracts law attorney has engaged with WSI for SEO services for his executive employment law practice.  For over 20 years, Attorney Adelson has provided his clients with outstanding legal representation in areas of employment agreement, executive compensation, equity and separation matters.

A frequent speaker and author, Rob has written numerous articles in the areas of employment agreements, non-competes and restrictive covenants, compensation, stock, stock options and executive equity terms.

His articles have been published in The Culpepper Letter, Family BusinessBoston Business Journal, Genetic Engineering News and Mass High Tech: The Journal of New England Technology. In addition, Rob’s work as an executive employment attorney in Boston has been recognized in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald and other publications.

The goal of the WSI engagement is lead generation. WSI conducted a careful analysis of the web presence and digital marketing activities performed by his previous marketing providers.  The results showed that he has a 12-page responsive website, a 70-page older non-mobile-friendly website, a free WordPress blog with hundreds of pages, a Findlaw profile and four highlights, and a monthly e-newsletter campaign that drives traffic to the WordPress blog.

There was much duplicate content on these web properties and a strategy for content marketing, link building and driving website traffic was lacking.

WSI’s digital marketing solution:

– Rebuild the 70-page website into a NEW responsive website that complies with Google’s mobile friendly standards. Responsive websites enjoy improved Google search results rankings.

– Redirect the 12 page responsive website  to the new website, preserving the links.

– Duplicate content was cleaned up.

– Next, perform comprehensive keyword research on the subject of executive employment and selected specific keywords that were then mapped to the relevant pages of the website.

The keywords focus on what Attorney Adelson does, as well as what he is, i.e., executive employment lawyer.

– Employ advanced on-page optimization techniques. The pages were optimized for the selected keywords and their stems.  Here are several examples of keywords that have been optimized on the site:

Executive Compensation Lawyer

Non-Compete Agreement Attorney

Severance Agreement Lawyer

Lawyer for Wrongful Termination

With the on-page optimization complete, the SEO will now focus on improving the popularity of the new SEO pages through a comprehensive content marketing and local SEO program.

The off-page SEO program will include registering the website in local business directories, posting on its Google+ page, writing new articles, posting Rob’s speaker slides on Slideshare, and increasing his positive customer reviews. In addition, monthly blog posts will be written and syndicated to blogs established on the popular blogging platforms Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, and Weebly. Monthly newsletters will include landing pages on the website to drive traffic to the website.

Each month of the SEO implementation will be monitored and carefully tracked.  Key metrics that will be measured each month include links, rankings, organic visits and leads from organic visitors. We expect to achieve significantly increased lead generation rates from these SEO efforts.

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WSI Marketing Is Hired By A Dog Sports Company To Improve SEO Visibilty

Phoenix Arizona Dog training Facility hires WSI  to Increase SEO Visibility and Clients!

Arizona Dog Sports Training and Educational Gym

AZ Dog Sports is  known for being the premier indoor dog sports and dog training facility in the Scottsdale/ Phoenix area.  They are an APDT affiliated facility which is staffed by certified  dog trainers. They master the philosophy of positive training methods. They offer over 65 dog training classes per week being, as well as services such as Dog Board & Train, Dog Walking services, in home Pet sitting  and a Dog Training Academy. The academy program trains people who are interested in learning how to become a dog trainer. AZ Dog Sports has just about everything for the dog lover! 

AZ Dog Sports is not only competing with dog industry websites and big chains for many of their services, but also they  compete with individual providers working out of their homes, as well as online training academies. This makes the local digital presence essential for their success to fill all 65 classes!

They came to eSpark Marketing with two specific goals for their online presence

Upon examination of their website and their current SERP positions, we constructed an SEO strategy to focus on each service area individually, starting with their most coveted buyer persona; the person interested in learning how to become a dog trainer or improve their dog training skills for an occupation or hobby within the dog industry.

Arizona Spark Dog TrainingAfterwards, we remapped the website, rewrote content, conducted on-page SEO optimization and off-page SEO optimization. All with the aim to achieve more qualified traffic and thus increase conversions. Then came the increase in clients! Besides search engine optimization, our plan also included social media ad campaigns, social media in-house training  and improved analytics reporting.

That new innovative marketing took off! In the first year of business for the AZ Dog Smart Academy (newly expanded name), the marketing brought in dozens of new students and introduced a whole new generation of certified dog professionals to the valley of the sun!   If you’d like more information about AZ Dog Sports or AZ Dog Smart Academy, please follow our blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress or Weebly.


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What is Content Marketing|Content Marketing Secrets

content marketing is a gift and grows your credibility

How You Can Profit From The Predicted Content Overload Digital Marketing Agencies are Warning Website Owners About. Simple Secrets a Digital Marketing Strategist uses on her Website.

Google Small Business took a quick survey from a group of marketers and reported that 45% of them did content marketing. Of those that did content marketing an alarming 20% were not sure what content marketing really is.

Content is shared by marketers, businesses, and much more individuals. Everything that is posted on social media (images, captions, hashtags, videos, gifs,…)is content. Everything posted on your website pages as well as blog posts is content. Ads, news articles, are all content.

If you are a website owner and want to create content; just look around you and observe what content is engaging. Observe the distance of the device from the person. Yes. The smaller the device the more engaged the person is.

So should an accountant have video content on his website? Yes. Serious people; business owners, lawyers, CEOs, all watch videos.

A bride to be is obsessed with her wedding. But she also needs to lose weight. A building contractor needs to figure out how to maximise the granite stone slab for his client’s kitchen. He also needs to communicate better with his teenage son.

What does content for your website have to do with the examples of the building contractor and the bride to be? Most website owners ignore the fact that their perfect buyer persona is a complete human being.

The content on your website needs to connect with one or two aspects of your buyer persona. Below I share briefly the 4 Pillars of Content Marketing.

4 Pillars of Content Marketing

Your website and social sites should satisfy these content elements.

  1. Give away emotional gifts. Do a weird dance. Cause a smile to appear on your viewer. Tell a joke. Make your reader laugh. Reduce the boring jargon of your old social posts or website blogs. Write content that compels your reader to want to share it cause they found it so interesting.
  2. Give value, how to, hacks, videos… Make your user’s life easier. Great sites for quick information are Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. We call this informational content.
  3. Bring the fight for fun back into the life of website and social fans and viewers. Invent life style challenges, clean body challenges, habit changing challenges, clean eating challenges. Reach out and encourage your fans that are sharing and totally engaged in your challenge. We call this inspirational content.
  4. Identify with your Social Media niche that loves you the most. Let’s say you have 4 different products that satisfies 16 different niches. Then whoopie; you have 16 different niches. speak to each one at least once per week.

While everyone is avoiding creating and uploading content you could work on improving your content and who it connects to.

Don’t wait for your accountant to walk out on you ’cause he knows by the looks of your books you will soon not be able to pay him. You’ve already invested in a website. Or is it a written off expense? Supercharge your content marketing strategy.  Convert visitors into leads and eventually into customers. Call me to materialize higher conversion numbers. In the not too distant future you would hear the sweet words from your accountant approving your next major investment.

Selling from your website and constantly saying on every content that you put on the web…”Buy From ME!” (please?) only chases people away.

A complete content marketing plan will leave your competition in the dust in more ways than you could ever dream of.


Global Specialty Lamp Manufacturer Retains WSI Third Year of SEO

global lamp manufacturer water treatment systems

LightSources is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of UVC, specialty fluorescent and sign lamps of all kinds. Based in Orange, Connecticut, they serve both large and small OEMs with custom lamps designed and engineered for a large range of applications.  Starting in 2014, LightSources engaged WSI to optimize their existing Drupal website for 35 keywords.

Over the last 2 years, LightSources’ engagement with WSI has expanded, including a new WordPress web site, and additional sections of optimized pages for UV air treatment systems, and ballast water treatment systems applications.

These new application areas are part of LightSources ongoing strategy of assisting OEMs in creating new products where the demand is increasing. For example, there is a growing need among manufactures for enhanced treatment of exhaust gas emissions.  In China, manufacturers and even restaurants are coming under increasing regulatory pressure to clean up air emissions.  To that end, WSI created a new section of optimized pages for these new opportunities as follows:

UV air purification systems

Industrial air purification systems

UVC air purification systems

UV light air purification systems

Industrial air cleaning systems

Another area of increasing demand driven by regulation is ballast water treatment. The MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee), a subsidiary group of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) is globally enforcing new standards for ballast water treatment systems for ships effective September 8, 2017. The current standard, referred to as the Ballast Water Management Convention, was adopted in 2004 following initiatives by the IMO to establish procedures and standards for managing and controlling ballast water for ships.  As the new regulations come into effect demand for products using LightSources UVC lamps is set to increase.  In order to capitalize on that demand, WSI created the following set of pages:

USCG approved ballast water treatment systems

Ballast water treatment methods

Ballast water treatment technologies

Water ballast treatment system

With the combined strength of LightSources in the U.S. and LightTech in Europe, LightSources is the global leader in the germicidal lamp industry. In addition to their high-quality standard lamps, they also custom design products for OEMs of any size that meet almost any need.  Contact LightSources to learn more.

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What is A Buyer Persona |Why Websites Need Buyer Persona Knowledge

I’ve mentioned buyer persona in many of my articles. I have frequent conversations with business people about buyer personas. We all get it. Do you implement it in your everyday marketing activities?

Attract buyer personas with certain colors

I’ll tell you why most websites miss buyer persona knowledge

I’ll tell you why most websites are on the wrong street when their customers are browsing for their products and services on another street.

I was in Rome last year and I walked to Church every morning. On this particular morning I turned left too soon. I was on the wrong street. I walked up on down on the street parallel to the street I needed to be on. Nothing looked familiar. I was lost for half hour until I decided to go back to my start point.

When people are searching for your business they are not so patient. Technology is constantly selling  instant rewards. Websites attract or dispel in seconds.

A Website that converts leads to sales, speaks to her buyer personas

The words used on the website are words your buyer personas will use when asking Google, Bing or Yahoo a question. Let’s say you’re a consultant who sells customer service training courses. Most people who need your services never purchased such a service before and is very unfamiliar with your terminology. Instead of saying “Improve your customer services” it would be more lucrative to use words like; “Improve customer retention” or “How to train my staff to relate better to customers” Buyer persona phraseology is not that difficult but it takes research and testing.

At WSI, we use what people search to help future customers to connect to your website and not allow these searching customers to go to the competition’s website. We use search queries to improve the words  you use on your website and when you follow up with them either with email or phone calls.

We use cookies to increase the knowledge of your website visitors. This type of marketing improves the probability of closing sales. This marketing data is what qualifies leads for a phone call or helps you to determine what type of PPC campaigns you should run to attract them back to your website.

When a visitor comes to your site they may read certain articles. They may read certain pages. According to where they spend more time or less; determines what further information we should add to your site and what further information we should offer to this visitor via email or otherwise.

65% of buyers already have completed their research before they decide to buy. In other words, people, your future customers, are searching. If your website has only the information you want to put on it, simply because you have no more time to spend on your website; most probably your visitors aren’t intrigued. If your website does not connect with your buyer personas (you’re not on the same street as they are) you are wasting your marketing budget by driving traffic to your website.

If you wish to qualify marketing leads before you send leads off to the sales department; leverage your website to improve your buyer persona knowledge. We call this Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation helps your website qualify leads and thus your conversion numbers improve and so do your sales.Its the most cost effective digital marketing strategy for 2017.

With Marketing Automation on your website, you connect with your buyer personas.

SEO is Not Dead|Future of SEO

7 Steps to Certain SEO Success

SEO success in 7 Steps on your Website

Increasingly, search engines are doing a good job of delivering trustworthy, relevant results when people search for information. Which is good news for consumers, and also good news for businesses trying to attract more search traffic – because the following best practice SEO strategies really haven’t changed, and are still highly effective.

  1. Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords is still a critical part of any SEO strategy – as it puts the right foundation in place to build upon.

  1. Competitive Analysis

Studying and learning from competitors who are ahead of you in search results can give a clearer picture of the effort required to match or overtake them.

  1. Website Optimization

The primary goal of onsite optimization techniques is to help the search engines easily understand what your website is about, so they can categorize it correctly.

  1. Address Domain Authority

A major SEO factor is the strength of your domain – meaning the number and quality of websites, blogs, social media portals and directories that link back to your site.

  1. Content Strategy

Consistently creating high-quality content is still by far the best way to rank well in search engines results, with the emphasis being on quality over quantity.

  1. Social Media Strategy

The amount of social signals associated with your content is an indicator of how valuable your content is to your users, and a reflection of your industry authority.

  1. Measure, Report, Improve

Measuring progress is also critical to a successful search strategy, as detailed  reporting allows you to make informed decisions before making improvements.

An adaptable approach to Search Engine Optimization – what we call AdaptiveSEO™ – will mean you can apply the appropriate search marketing strategies to reach more customers and increase sales.

If you want to discover how AdaptiveSEO™ can work for your business, get in touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant Bernadette.


5 Analytic Reports|Web Analytics Data For More Profits

Its time to start making good decisions based on the data your website generates for you. When you send out emails, you put several CTA links. Your data will tell you which link performed most clicks. When you place CTA links on your website you know which ones are most relevant and which positions perform best results.

Too many businesses build their websites with flash, with sign-up forms, with social buttons, etc. and very few measure or analyze the performances of these features.

In this month’s marketing video we outline the reasons why pulling reports and analyzing data is not an option for your website. If you want to learn how to improve your website visitor’s customer experience thus increase sales coming from your website, the number one way is to regularly review these 5 profit pulling analytics reports:


  1. Know what sites refer you customers
  2. Know what content commands more engagement from website visitors
  3. Know performance of your Landing Pages
  4. Know what your website visitors are searching for
  5. Keep abreast of your mobile performance

Web analytics tools collect and report data on how people interact with your website. Being able to understand these metrics, will enable you to identify the most effective marketing channels – and be ready to gain a competitive advantage.

 5 Analytics Reports for Website Profits

1. Referring Sites Report
Knowing which websites and search engines refer traffic to you – and what pages of your website they link to, will enable you to guide your content marketing strategy and successfully allocate your ad budget.

2. Content Engagement Report
Measuring visitor engagement is key to turning website visitors into leads. Knowing which blog topics command the most attention and social shares, will give you direction for achieving your content creation objectives.

3. Landing Pages Report
The home page is no longer the only website entry point. Using landing pages reports, you can see what content is attracting the most traffic, and how visitors are interacting with your offers and lead capture processes.

4. Site Search Report
Often overlooked, a site search report will show you what visitors are looking for once they land on your site – it can indicate where to make website improvements, as well as help direct development for future marketing campaigns.

5. Mobile Performance Report
The ever-increasing number of mobile users expect fast, reliable, and accessible web content. So, understanding how your mobile audience interacts with your website is vital to delivering engaging content.

The most important website metrics are the ones that tie closely to business results – regularly review these 5 vital reports will enable you to significantly improve your marketing impact. Give your website visitor more of what they want. Allow your website visitor to easily find what they are looking for. Increase the possibility of visitors opting into an offer when you analyze your landing page reports. All this leads to happier customer experience, more referrals, more sales, Happier you.

If you need assistance in achieving your online marketing goals, then get in touch with WSIwwwExperts your local Digital Marketing Consultant today.

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Marketing Automation Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs

Imagine no more Monday Business Review Meetings where marketing department and sales department are pointing fingers. Instead gather the metrics when you track your buyer from awareness to decision to buy from you. Numbers do not lie. Allow all your marketing efforts to qualify leads from the start. Reduce data transfer errors from marketing department to sales department. When the lead reaches sales department they know all about the lead and the lead need not explain her/imself all over again.

Marketing Automation is a powerful system to send to your target audience the effective message s/he needs to hear on any occasion. The right message will be sent to the right prospect at the right time everytime.

Marketing Automation helps brands better serve their target prospects and customers while constantly improving overall customer experience.

Marketing automation software has made impressive strides over the years. It offers businesses both large and small the tools and data reporting they need to build relationships and drive new revenue. Here are some of the ways an automated marketing strategy can help you.

Email Marketing and Cross Platform Promotion

You have several products and not sure which product your customer wants right now. Let the system do the work for you. Through Email marketing you send offers to your list. The interested prospects/customers go to your landing page and opt-in. Now you know that your silent reader really wanted a swim suit for a toddler and not a surf board(for example). This is what we term segmenting your list. Create CTAs (Calls-To-Action) and display to different contacts based on the data you’ve collected.

Repurpose old content and share on Twitter and LinkedIn to draw in new leads. This way you test drive content strategy before putting bigger adspend dollars behind your updated content information.

Use data driven information like conversions and responders to build your marketing plan.

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Reinforce your business culture of constant improvement, measurement and refinement
  • Eliminate or reduce wasted marketing budgets
  • Improve your business competitive edge

Marketing automation software offers better reporting and marketing analytics that help you reduce CAC. It improves conversion rates, fosters savings through customer referrals and helps with onboarding. And that’s not all – it reduces the amount of manpower required and improves lead generation, email targeting, measuring, reporting and more.

If you wish to read case studies that will inspire you to see the power of marketing automation Check this article

Marketing Automation gives brands the ability to build long-lasting relationships through creative content with their customers and prospects. It removes assumptions about your target market. Through the data collection software it defines new ways, develops strategies that reveal unexpected and insightful information about your leads and customers.

To learn more about marketing automation either call me today or ask to join my newsletter which I share frequently

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Blogging Turn Visitors Into Leads

Grow website visitors into leads
Grow Your Business When you turn website visitors into leads

Turning Website Visitors into Leads, and Leads into New Customers

Successfully delivering appropriate messages helps you to lead customers step-by-step through their buying cycle.  Marketing automation enables you to set up a workflow of highly personalized marketing messages designed to convert website visitors into leads, and then your new leads into paying customers.

Here are 5 best practice guidelines to get marketing automation working for your business.

  1. Identify Your Audience

Before you can start creating your emails, autoresponders, workflow messages and landing pages, you need to know your audience. Create buyer personas to help you understand how to produce content that addresses your customer’s specific needs and challenges.

  1. Sales and Marketing Alignment

Your marketing automation campaigns should be aligned to your sales processes. Recording every point of engagement to an online CRM will provide detailed customer profiles for your sales team to successfully nurture leads through their buying cycle.

  1. Create Valuable, Helpful Content

Delivering the right message that appeals to your target audience, will not only drive an engaging marketing automation process, it will also qualify your leads from the start. So be creative, be informative and be focussed.

  1. Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing 

Effective marketing automation campaigns will feature a multi-channel approach – with touch points including dynamic website content, email, social media, re-targeting, and interaction from your sales team.

  1. Test, Tweak, Repeat (Lead Nurturing is constant engagement)

The beauty of digital marketing is that it provides a constant flow of data to assist you in optimizing campaign results. A consistent program of monitoring and improving your workflows will increase your overall competitive advantage.

In addition to increasing leads, marketing automation systems can help increase cross sales and upsells, and improve customer care processes, turning your customers into active fans who will be ready to recommend you.

If you would like help getting started with marketing automation, or improving your current campaigns, get in touch with your local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant today.