A Master Salesman patiently waits for his to-be customer to reveal what she wants and why she wants what he sells…

Master Sales-persons close more sales because they start with a conversation and according to what the to-be customer says he responds accordingly. Couple this with AI technology and you’re on the road to more profitable online marketing campaigns. We call this Marketing Automation.

How Marketing Automation works:

The company sends out a message to a subscriber (email, messenger, sms, etc.) According to how the subscriber responds (click the call-to-action or not, let’s call her Betty) … we follow-up with a sequence of messages. This is the if, then workflows you learned in Geometry. Your subscriber continues to love you and buy from you because you only send relevant messages according to their responses.

A website or Social user can trigger the conversation of your widget/chatbot to begin the workflow when they click your chatbot widget or comment on a social post. The chatbot widget duplicates the conversations of your best salesperson. The online shopper feels as if they are the #Customer who is always first in line whenever they arrive at your online platform(website or social platform.) Most times when stranger(let’s call her Betty) visits your site her intention is either to compare, enquire, or buy. When Betty triggers your salesperson (chatbot widget) and begins a conversation the salesperson would give her options so he could learn how he can best help her. According to her response. He shows Betty around the website by giving her the links that presents a possible answer or simply takes her name and contact information so a real person can follow-up. Betty feels like she is the only and most important customer in your store. How cool is that?

The power of Marketing automation

Once Betty has given her name and contact information she is in a sense telling you that she wants to hear more from you. Some buyers, maybe Betty is one of them, like to hear 3 -10 different benefits of your service before she actually buys from you. Marketing Automation concept is the building of buyer scenarios in advance so you can sell Betty how she wants to be sold.

The building of workflows can be complex or simple according to how your typical buyers shop, the complexity of what you sell, or the competitiveness of your industry. Betty may need to be intellectually or emotionally stimulated before she trusts or values your opinions.

The power of Marketing Automation is in the simple fact that Betty wants to receive your messages, and your messages are customized to her needs. Getting Betty to opt-in is the first important step. Keeping her engaged (nurtured and responsive) and coming back (frequent buyer) takes constant effort, testing and re-tweaking.

Close online sales

How To Close Online Sales Faster (& Higher Quality)

Use the Marketing Automation concept where customers are: on their phone, The world is going mobile. Devices are shrinking. Mobile devices have more power to do everything (or almost everything) a  desktop can do.

  • Send messages that makes Betty stop to read them because you took the effort to personalise your message
  • Listen to the questions and concerns of your typical Betty and build your conversations/messages accordingly.
  • Share valuable updates with your customers. Help them to use your service better
  • Create more relevant content because of what Betty has told you
  • Betty only sees the message, email, SMS when she’s ready. In other words you are not interrupting her

Offer concierge services. We all go to the concierge because he directs us to where we need to go. No one wants to waste time in lines (you join the line at the cashier only to realise after 15 minutes the  you need to go to the ticket counter that generates the invoice. 🤦🏽‍♀️

A bonus benefit: you are collecting your own data from your own customers on your own platform.

Treat Betty with the utmost respect and she will be your customer for life.

Close sales faster when you start with the conversation your typical Betty wants to have