Profitable Online Ad Campaigns must include a big reason why they click on your ad to enter your sales funnel and the reason(s) why they should buy

The reality of any campaign in any industry is the fact that only 10% of your viewers take action right away. Social Media users are sensitive to online ads and they intentionally ignore you.
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The Beginning of The Sales Funnel

A Sales Funnel is the journey and relationship of your to be customers and you. Some customers need very little cajoling to buy from you. Others need all their answers addressed before they make a commitment to buy. Don’t fail to include elements in your sales funnel that encourages your buyer to re-enter your sales funnel after their first purchase.
First Step:
Two Ways To Grow your list 
  1. Crazy offer with a tight time frame
  2. Lost leader that generates high interest (flexible time frame)
The main aim in both funnels or pipelines is to generate qualified leads – people who are interested in your solution. The story business owners tell themselves about marketing leads to common and unnecessarily costly mistakes. Most business owners put too much emphasis on the online campaign.
Every time you capture an eyeball you have less than 8 seconds to deliver a line or a message. You have less than a blink to capture interest or be ignored. Interest at the top of a SalesFunnel is more important than a sale. Grow the interest of your followers in your first few emails. This is where you tell your story and build your relationship. Get your email subscribers comfortable and in the habit of opening your emails.

Email Tips For Your New Followers To Be Excited To Read Your Mail

Subject headlines should reveal what you are selling without saying that you are selling them something
Purpose of the headline is either curiosity or FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) based
The next line keeps the interest going while reducing the anxiety of “where’s the catch”

Each Email Has One Objective

Each email keeps the person reading the email in the same bucket or they tell you by their actions that they prefer a different bucket. Engage with your list using different messages.
Mix and match your objectives.
Here’s the list of objectives I use:
  • Give Value
  • Develop relationship
  • Sell
  • Take an action: Download a doc or PDF, attend an event (paid or free), call the office, etc.
Your online ad campaigns become profitable by putting an opportunity for a solution to their problem in front of enough people (grow your list). Each person has a life-time value to your organisation. Some stay silent and reading. Some chat a lot. Some take action. Your objective is to find the group of people who take action the most and for what reason. Profitable online ad campaigns take time because your buyer’s expectations and habits are constantly changing.
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