Advertising for Sales using Social Platforms – Stop wasting Marketing Budgets

2 Ways To Improve Advertising on Your FREE Social Media Platform

In lean economic times businesses wonder where to spend their marketing budgets. What can you do to improve or at least maintain your sales?

  1. Efficient marketing strategies.
  2. Test before you run your big campaign. 


How to Develop An Efficient Marketing Strategy

Your customers are mindful of what they spend.  You, the business owner, must focus on generating profitable leads from your advertising campaigns. Your customers are very savvy at ignoring advertising on social media platforms. First step is to create a different sales funnel. A sales funnel begins with the message you use to be noticed by your customer. When they notice you 90-95% would not immediately call to buy from you. The reality of nurturing/remarketing/reminding them you still exist is VITAL. They purchase when they connect you as the person or company who can solve their problem. A sales funnel does not finish at the first sale.  This is where many traditional minded business owners fail in discovering their efficient marketing strategy. Many don’t have or know their own database of frequent and current clients. When you rely purely on the cash deposits at the end of a working day to determine if your marketing is efficient… your happy clients can disappear without you even knowing why and where they have gone. 

  • An efficient marketing strategy constantly needs testing, tweaking, and executing. And REPEAT.
  • Strategic advertising does not include boosting cat memes and funny videos to get likes, hearts and shares 
  • We did a recent test campaign and generated 42 leads with a $40 Advertising Budget based on fundamental market research on our FREE FAcebook page.


How to TEST a marketing idea or new business before advertising on a Social Media Platform


Businesses who want sales more than branding advertise strategically. 

Did you survive the coup of 1990? Was your business affected by 9/11 or the real-estate market crash of 2008? Economic fluctuations are beyond your control. Your business (when you advertise efficiently on social media) will generate leads and sales. You should reduce expenses to bare bones but never reduce your advertising on social media to zero. Customers may think you’ve filed for bankruptcy. We’re here to help you maximize your social media advertising budgets and actually get more leads on a leaner budget. 


Here’s the deal: Work with us for 3 months and if we cannot generate 20 leads for every $50 you give to Facebook to advertise your product or service. We will return our management fees. That’s how strongly we believe in the process we used to generate 42 leads with a $40 advertising campaign on social media.



42 leads for business from a $40 Advertising Budget on Social Media!

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