Every visitor to your website is important. Make them feel special. Make them know that you care. You can increase the value of their eCommerce shopping cart through personalization plus 3 

4 Ways To Get Customers To Add More Items To Their eCommerce Shopping Carts

Direct and Attract needed eyeballs on your site through SEO, Social Media, and Paid Ads. If any one of these digital marketing strategy in Trinidad and Tobago is working for you. Now you need to solve the next level up struggle. Increase shopping cart value of each visitor.

You should always be testing your marketing strategies to improve the right number of eyeballs, the right type of buyer. Here are some quick tips you can begin doing today.

  • allow customers to find the items they came to buy (quickly and with ratings if available)
  • present related products that compliment the items already in their shopping cart
  • maximise how they use their cart

You’ve had your eCommerce website for a year maybe 2 and you’re still not profitable. You have not been gaining sales despite driving traffic to your eCommerce website? Watch our webinar where we show you how to fix the points in your sales pipeline where visitors are dropping off or abandoning your shopping cart.

Here are our 4 suggested ways to help you increase the value of their shopping carts when they’re at the checkout

1) Show Related Products

This strategy falls in the area of customising their shopping cart experience. Make their shopping unique. Get to know them better when you test what else they like. This is accomplished with technology and produces huge lifts in revenue. Presenting related products at the right time and executed with masterful salesmanship demands thorough testing.

Experiment where to place related products

  • Product page
  • Cart-add confirmation pop-up
  • Fixed cart-add confirmation page
  • buy more than they intended
  • increase the value of their purchase
  • Cart
  • During check-out

Cross selling works very well. You must be wary of bad options. Options that put a negative score on your shopper’s experience. (don’t rely only on automation to conduct tests)

2) Upsell to FREE Shipping Threshold (shopping cart items delivered for FREE)

FREE shipping works for some- some of the times. Don’t judge the consumer’s situation. Your eCommerce website is a selling tool. Give it as much assistance as needed to do its job. Make sure you are helping your shoppers to maximise your “Free gift.” You will waive the shipping cost if their shopping cart crosses a threshold, a minimum value. Beware that this tactic does not work below a certain value. Testing will reveal what works for your best customer. (saving is the goal)

Here are some best practices to upselling your customers to take advantage of your FREE shipping

  • Clearly indicate the free shipping threshold
  • Set threshold based on your economics
  •  Reward additional sales by setting prices properly – increase shopping cart value by setting the threshold just above the average of the most commonly bought item or price point

3) Offer A Discount Based On Certain Price Point (use Website Data Research)

Christmas is coming. If they like an item. Chances are high they will have a friend who would also like it. What better way to shop for Christmas than with a discount coupon if they were to buy more of the same item.

This tactic also works excellent when you want to move inventory faster. The discount code can be department specific or item specific. Your choice.

4) Bundles (shopping cart bundle)

Grouping products or offering a better purchase price if bought as a bundle is an excellent strategy for increasing the value of your average shopping cart. A Harvard Business School paper reveals that this strategy only works if your buying customer has the option to buy individual as well as in a bundle. (never assume you know their thinking) Always leave the customer with the better deal freely chosen. What better way to win a higher shopping cart value when you help your visitor justify their purchase.

This article was inspired by our business partners in the field of conversion rate optimisation. We’ll gladly help you discover revenue in your eCommerce website when you reach out for your FREE 30 min consultation.