While consumers love catchy jingles, cute brand mascots and a suave spokesperson, they are much more interested in finding functional answers to their questions, transparent product reviews and the ability to interface seamlessly with the brands they love.

Can you honestly say that your current website meets those needs? Gone are the days of yellow page phone books and stopping to ask for directions. We have all of that in the palm of our hands. According to Internet WorldStats there are 2.3 billion Internet users in the world, and by 2015 there will be 2.1 billion mobile users.

With this in mind, one must ask, what do I stand to lose by not investing in services that will drive traffic, optimize SEO rankings and solidify my organization as a reputable option for meeting my customer or client’s needs?

Here are 5 reasons you need to capitalize on creating the most responsive and inviting website possible.

  1. Mobile surfing is the way of the future

The biggest thing in modern consumerism is within arms reach. Google’s Mobile-In store reports that 80% of smartphone users shop on their phones. This trend represents the shift away from desktops and in to the next age of digital interface. Consumers are enticed by clear, concise, creative content that answer the questions they feel are important.

  1. Search Engines loves responsive design

When you stop viewing SEO as a game and start viewing it as a strategic mission that relies on research, best practices and calculated direction, your search engine rankings will increase. Instead of copy and pasting keywords into awkward points, use Meta descriptions, page headings, URLs and the appeal of well-crafted content to boost your ratings.

  1. Attracting Traffic

Developing a website that attracts visitors through creative content that is informative and shareable is vital. Remember the web experience is not about you telling your customers how great you are; it’s about meeting their need. What target persona do you serve? Why are people coming to your site in the first place? What’s their end goal? When you are able to answer these questions, you are equipped to build a site that meets needs. Create a community of brand loyalists through conversation and appreciation. In turn, they will become your greatest sales force.

  1. Converting leads into customers

Equation Research found that 46 percent of mobile users say they are unlikely to return to a website they had trouble accessing from their phone. Does your website have clear calls to action? Do your know visitors know exactly what next steps you want them to take? Provide them with whitepapers, e-books and testimonials. Leads are looking for something of value in order to pull the yes trigger and convert into a customer – make sure that you provide that each and every time they visit.

  1. Your competitors are investing

Just because you choose not to invest in revolutionizing your website doesn’t mean that your competitors aren’t. You don’t need any more surveys or studies to confirm what thousand of others have already told you.

To get revolutionized in the way you interface with your target audiences and attract the right kind of leads with decisive digital marketing strategies, contact us today.