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3 Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills On Social Media

Social Media is the public version of yourself. You could post lots of inspiration and share great pics and thoughts. You will have a very professional image. BUT! How do you Listen?

Respond To Comments On Your Social Media Sites

When someone comments on your post have a conversation with them. Don’t just reply with come to my website and see what I have. That’ll be like telling your customer who walks into your store “This is what you want and the cash register is over here.”

Nurture your social media pals. Ask questions about them? Ask them how they found you? Ask them to message you if they have a particular question that you may be able to help them with. Comment on their profile.

Don’t be too quick to give solutions if they have not said something that would hint at what they are looking for. Do you like when the store attendant follows you around when you are browsing? Checking your social site once per day minimum and responding to comments is like having your eyes on the floor to see who raises their hands.

Social Media is like normal life. Comments should encourage more conversation.

A Page of Posts And No Engagement 🙁

As a child did you enjoy the lectures? As an intern on the job did you enjoy being constantly speeches out? Your posts on Social Media Sites should entice your visitors to want to say something.

The culture of the company will dictate what posts you should use to entice visitors to comment and share. Likes count for very little in terms of engagement. You get more scores from the Social Media Sites for Comments and Shares. If you want more information on what you should post put your name and email in the contact us button and leave a question to that effect and I’ll send you over an article and much more.

Don’t let your Social Media Site be like a Lecture Hall or a Billboard. Let your visitors shine.

Repeat Repeat Same Ole Same Ole :0

I’ve seen many pages repeat the same picture. Know what that says? I spent money on this graphics and Dog Gone It I am going to get the most out of it! So plaster it all over my social media sites!

If you have an event or a seminar you may get away with the same post repeated. But over time you repeat something has to change. Change the copy. Change the call to action. Add more copy on the post, make it longer. Do you get my drift?

I was attending a live Brendon Burchard Course and he said you can repeat your content. But do it differently and in different places. Always bringing people back to your core business location. And that’s what your website is for. All your information and what you sell should be on your website.

Your Social Media Sites is to tease people to come to your website.

Here is a Tutorial I did on How To Listen to your Fans. Sure would like your comments below.

I believe that your business is unique and you do have information other than pics of your products that you can display. Please make your Social Media Sites fun; even if you are a Wealth Management Company.

Want to know how to stop making your kids tune out? Simply let stories do the teaching and you’ll never catch yourself repeat Same ole Same ole. If you have no more stories you can call me and borrow mine.

The Nova sub-committee of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce can help you with your marketing. We have a workshop called Marketing 101. Check out our site for more information.

The Biggest Tip To Improving Your Listening Skills On Social Media is to let your fans, followers, and connections Know That They Are The Best

I look forward to reading your comments and meeting you someday soon.


Chris n Bernie