search seo strategy consultantCompanies looking to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) in Trinidad and Tobago could find themselves entering an ever-changing landscape. Goggle updates like Panda and Hummingbird are meant to weed out spam and low quality content. These algorithms also have marketers guessing at how to attract visitors without being penalized by search engines.

The content your company generates should be of high quality, otherwise, you will not earn high search rankings. You will also not earn the appreciation of current and potential customers. Whether it’s page content, blogs, or social media posts, what you write needs to meet certain goals. They should engage, help, inform, and inspire people to act.

But how do you improve your search engine optimization with quality content? There are a few simple points to follow.

Say something worth saying

All too often businesses produce content just for the sake of it, believing that it will help their SEO efforts. Much like a good conversationalist, you need to have something relevant to say. Cramming keywords into nonsensical prose does nothing but get you into trouble. Writing content that goes nowhere does the same thing. Here are some ways to tackle the content question:

  • Make a plan. Determine what you believe your customers need to hear from you, as well as what they want to know. Do you have new products, are you in a particular sales cycle, or are customers asking certain questions? Think about their needs – not just yours.
  • Craft information with style. Take what you determined from the above questions and compose content that answers questions, addresses needs, or promotes your company in a way that reflects the personality you want to project. Take into consideration the audience, but speak from your own point of view. Be knowledgeable – don’t write about what you don’t know.
  • Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Image-centric content is rapidly becoming the way to reach saturated online viewers. Pictures, and particularly video speaks to a tired audience, can get a point across more effectively, and provides opportunities to demonstrate knowledge or products in a clear and entertaining way.

Don’t ignore the basics

  • While keyword stuffing is akin to cheating on an exam, well-chosen keywords used judiciously are a must. Do your research on keywords including geo-targeting and long-tail phrases. Use them naturally and sparingly.
  • Write social media posts that suit the platform and limit use of slang and eliminate poor grammar.
  • Titles should accurately reflect the content – not just grab attention through shock value.
  • Keep the blog or page content visually appealing. Use paragraph breaks, sub-headers and bullet-points to break up the text.
  • Include a clear call-to-action that prompts people to act.

Make content accessible

Patience with online properties is slim as more of our lives are spent on devices. The quick and easy route is expected by consumers. Pages should load quickly and mobile sites should employ responsive design to ensure user- friendly access to your words of wisdom.


Planning and creating quality content will not only improve your search engine optimization in Trinidad and Tobago, it will help your image with consumers and keep you focused on being a worthwhile marketing force.

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