Social CompetitionBetter Than The Competition In Digital Marketing


1) In your ad copy you say that you’re the best. Does saying it mean that you are? On a post somewhere in social cyberSpace a customer cries you down.

2) Your marketing budget is bigger than the competition. This allows people to think that your sales revenue is 10X. Therefore your product/service is better. Meanwhile somewhere on the street your employees are telling of what’s going on behind closed books.

Secret to being better than the competition is knowing and holding on to what makes you different from the competition. Transparency in today’s social media world has more weight than what you advertise about yourself.

Out-Ranking The Competition on Search Engines


If I’m in Position #1 then I’m D Best. People will click through to my website and I will make more sales. Not true. Not true. Not true.

Position #1 does have its benefits but the page that your visitor falls on must be valuable and relevant to their search. Your page must delight them in less than 9 secs. or they’ll be gone, never to return. Sometimes position #3 actually works better than Position #2 in terms of number of organic search click throughs.

Secret to ranking on Search Engines; doing great in Organic Search and being on Page1 is

  • having content on your website that is liked by visitors(they rate it by staying long and clicking through to other pages) AND
  • being liked by the spider bots. These are the easiest 2 points that most websites ignore.

Be Like The Competition. Do like them. Copy them.

Digital Marketing Trends

Common Pitfalls- If I keep an eye on my competition. They’ll never be able to outdo me.

Every time I do a competitive analysis for a client the competition is very different from what they thought. They’re getting chewed and left in the dust by others companies they weren’t even looking at. Not to mention alternative competitors. E.g. If you’re selling cakes your competition isn’t only other cake producing entities. You must even think beyond other desserts.

This concept of doing and copying the competition can also cause you fall into the pit of copying the wrong industry. Many people look at Amazon or Coca Cola and come up with slogans like: “Eat into Happiness” You do get some level of spillover of the other company’s campaign. But customers will never RAVE about you when you’re a copycat.

Do You Really Wanna Know How To Leave The Competition In The Dust?

  1. Find your culture. Define your culture.
  2. Use words that show empathy. Plan your content.
    Social Media is a testing ground.
  3. They’re fed up of being screamed at. Listen.
  4. Run a Competitive Analysis to see where your competition is on Social Media, what keywords they are ranking for, what successful ads they have, and more.

For better results in #DigitalMarketing #SocialSelling WSI looks at the competition. But the focus is more on the company we work with. When your company operates with a good heart and a well-defined digital marketing plan, the competition is non-existent.

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