Brand Awareness is a huge endeavour but rarely delivers sales

Business Owners Should Take Risks To Generate Sales Not To Build Their Brand

Brand is important for a customer if that Brand gives them status. If eyes follow them down the aisle when a particular “BRAND” is on their shoulder. When your neighbour invites you over to dinner because of what is parked in the driveway.

Can Brand Campaigns Generate Sales? I’d like to discuss that question today and for the next few blogs.

A business should focus on generating sales. A successful campaign causes more people to come into your store or pay for their carts on your website. A Business owner should always be pushing their “brand” only if this demonstrate service to their customers.

Many Branding Awareness Campaigns I’ve seen recently are a means for business owners to tell the world who they are and what they want their customers to think of them. This kind of Brand Campaigns do not generate sales. (Your customer is like “So What?” and they’re gone.

Branding is sticking to what your customers love about you. (Tim Cook of Apple was threatened with jail if he did not give authorities ability to break the privacy of his gadgets, (see “Tim Cook” by Leander Kahney.) Find this “brand” and you can survive any disruptions, digital or not. What products do you serve. Why? How do your customer feel after they have left your store? Do you meet their expectations every time? Do people line up to feel special or be treated as a queen. What should you change in your customer’s journey that will cause them to repeat their purchase next month (or when it breaks?)

Your Brand is top-of-mind awareness. What do you deliver. What are you willing to do to deliver that product. Safely. Quickly. To their expectations. How far will your customer go out of his way to buy from you.

Logos, Websites, Colours, Your story, your Mission and Vision. This is where your brand starts. Be willing to drop or change any of these items if your customer does not resonate with it or make them run across town to come buy from you.

When you create campaigns around Brand Awareness… customers don’t know what to do. They laugh. they smile. But they don’t buy. If the Brand is about YOU, the business, your customer says… “Great, have fun. Go break a leg.”

Brand Awareness Campaigns Must be built with Testing. Let every part of your brand earn it’s keep and you must know which part generates the sales… so you know what to test next month.

We take your brand and your marketing ideas… test, pull apart, strategise, and test again to generate more sales. The least change you will receive is higher rankings for the right keywords.

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