Customer Loyalty is not built with rewards programmes, Free give-aways, and coupons.

Loyalty of pets, especially man’s favourite friend, can be won over with treats, a pat now and then. Even pets understand that the more time you spend with them they instinctively will not leave your side if danger were to befall you. Most animals follow the hand with the treat.

Reward programmes, coupons and swag attract attention and draw the crowds. They fail to build customer loyalty.

Cutomer Behaviour

Take time to know why your customer buys what they buy. Ensure their purchase experience with you is positive. Everything you ask them to do purposefully builds relationship. Stay current with the technology that is garnering attention.

Blockbuster refused to believe that their customers would abandon them. Sales were great. Customers were happy. They sat and watched Netflix, a crazy idea built on technology from a single angry customer, break the pillars their company was built upon.

Blackberry enjoyed a glory ride from 2009 to 2013. In 2014 Quarter3 they saw a 56% decline in revenue and was forced to shrink their company. They still exist today but certainly not a giant. If you think you should pay no attention to losers… you’re wrong. True business gurus know what caused big businesses to be the subject of disruption.

What was Blackberry’s major mistake? They ignored what mattered most to their customers.

Ever heard of Palm Pilot? They were the first generation of Personal Digital Assistant. It allowed you to write on the screen. It was the beginning of the smart phone. It still exists. Technology is used as the background of other digital devices and systems. Why few know of their existence? In my humble opinion they were out-marketed by aggressive companies. And the businesses that bought Palm Industry … the technology just was not leveraged.

Digital Disruption VS Customer Satisfaction(Loyalty)

Always be talking with your customers. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the competition. It’s the most effective way to maintain customer loyalty. In the early years of digital marketing businesses want the digital way to listen proactively and protect their Brand Reputation.

Some processes just should not be handled with cold technology. In today’s world nice people are choosing to stay silent on social media. Who do you want as a loyal customer? Nice people. I love serving nice people. I will bend backwards to serve nice people. Cold technology of listening is how we use hashtags and measure #Mentions of our brand name.

The process of proactive listening is in person. I was on a Digital Growth Summit during COVID-19 and attended a talk by a company that manages Customer Conversions on eCommerce websites. He talks to their customers. It works. Want to know what customers’ want? Talk to them.

Businesses who thrive in today’s digital world always look for new and simple ways to have open channels where they collect customer feedback.

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