The unique website brings you leads and sales

First purpose of a unique website is for people who are searching for what you sell to find you easily

Second purpose is for them to find the answers they are looking for. Here’s what happens on the sites that generate leads and sales.

Buttons are easily found and well labeled

Trust factors are quickly seen. This is behind the scene stuff that activates your viewers into believing that you know what you are talking about. These factors vary slightly from industry to industry.

The site is built with the user or visitor in mind. Most business owners make the mistake of thinking that if they like the site visitors will too. This is a major rule successful sites owners adhere to.

Images and design are pleasing to the eye. They don’t place too much emphasis here as visitors are not coming to admire the site. Unique sites focus on getting visitors to become leads.

All gizmos and gadgets that do not optimise the site for SEO are not on the site

The AboutUs page on websites are authentic and personal

Article to come: Should I Update my Website


Be awesome


P.S. A unique website rule: the simpler the better