Business Growth Hack for your future sales success:

Only Crazy Entrepreneurs Like You Think Outside The Box of Conventional Rules of Business Growth

The one business growth hack I’m going to discuss today is managing the Art of Change in Today’s Digital World. The digital world has allowed consumers to buy differently. Yet the business world continues to sell the old way – Mass marketing. One to many. One message fits all. If your message is seen by thousands of eyeballs your campaign is a success. Educate (teach) the masses about you and your brand and why you’re so great and why they should buy from you. Promote and discount the products you want to clear from your warehouse. Sell cheap stuff that everybody wants.

Some of the above work sometimes and never for some businesses. One mindset you must change if you want to set your business on a growth curve is – how you view the consumer.

Here’s your a path to breaking out of the box you’re in

Instead of “finding” new customers and new markets for your products and services… Figure out how to be attractive. Find the attractiveness in your brand. Tell a story around it.

Instead of focusing on your “reach statistics” of your social campaigns… Create content that is based on curiosity, entertaining, quirky. Create your campaign to be read, clicked on, commented on, shared

Instead of “Teaching” your to-be audience about the benefits of your product and services… Create valuable content that solves their pains and problems. Valuable content puts them at ease, shows your transparency, gives tips to make their life easier and happier. Valuable content related to what you sell.

Instead of “Compelling” your to-be customer to come into your store to shop around… Aim at a low cost first purchase. This is referred to as the loss leader. But hey. You don’t necessarily have to sell at a loss. I’m sure you have something in your list of products and services that you can bundle or unbundle to sell at cost.

Instead of “compelling” your visitors (in-store or online) to buy… Focus on their experience. Make it easy for them to see the value in doing business with you. Make it easy for them to experience your services. Make it easy for them to communicate with you AND get an almost immediate response. Make it easy for them to share their experience. Make it easy for them to invite others to join the experience. This all adds up to what Seth Godin calls “Being Remarkable” or creating “Remarkable products and services”

Business Growth Hack: Change how you market. Change how you connect to your market/buyer. Change how you speak to your buyers. And your buyers will love you.


Who is Bernadette Chin Lee?

I focus on marketing strategy to get people to notice you and want to buy from you. I create sales funnels so your advertising campaigns can collect both leads for you to follow up with for future sales, and sales today(during the actual campaign)

I help businesses sell and advertise more effectively and intelligently “all good selling is serving” ~ Clyde Bedell

P.S. Don’t worry about how you will execute these changes. The technology is ready for you. All you need is to change how you create your future marketing campaigns. Adopting this Business Growth Hack is the hard part. When you are ready… Give me a call. Your First hour is on me.