Carosella & Associates, P. C. is a leading law firm situated in West Chester, PA. Carosella Attorneys. They take pride in helping clients deal with all the legal issues in their personal or professional lives, as well as help small business owners navigate the legal maze.

Carosella Associates Success WSI

The firm has been a long time WSI client. The relationship started with the development of their first website, continued with the rebuild of the website, and launch of an SEO program. The SEO focused on business law, and estate planning which only represented parts of their practice. In the two years of running the SEO program; they have found so much success in these areas that it was a no-brainer for them to expand the program to other areas of their practice, mainly criminal law, bankruptcy and divorce law.

The expanded campaign has been launched by optimizing the following relevant landing pages on the carosella & associates law firm’s website –

As part of our content plan, we will create high quality blog content for Carosella and continue to publish it on the existing blog platforms created for them at WordPress and Weebly.

We look forward to bringing the services of Carosella & Associates to the clients in need of these service and help not just their business but also the local prospective clientele by connecting them with the attorneys who genuinely care. We are very excited to continue our partnership with one of the best law firms in the West Chester, PA area.

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