Chatbot Technology 2020 and Happier Customers

If you are looking for chatbot technology in 2020 to help improve profits, reduce cost of customer care, create a smoother and happier customer journey… then you need to know more about chatbots

Technology helps you to do what you’re already doing faster and more efficiently. Of you don’t have the internal mindset and systems in place then technology will only get you where you are already going faster. So the question you should be asking before you employ chatbot technology is “what problem do I wish to reduce or even eliminate?”

chatbot technology

Adopt Chatbot Technology To Reduce Cost of Customer Care

Make it easier for customers to do business with you rather than the competition and you will win EVERYTIME. I’m assuming of course that your service has value and satisfies your current customers.

In each industry customer care varies along the lines of customer expectations. Think of what causes frustration and builds fear in the buying process. Think of the different ways and reasons why a customer needs your product or service. Seek a faster, easier, more pleasing way to bring each customer closer to closing the deal and buying from you. Eliminate fears when you talk your customer through the buying process. Do not assume they know of your service nor what is necessary for them to do to purchase. Reduce frustrations when you answer FAQs up front. Have a no surprise customer service policy.

The chatbot technology frees up your office staff to care for the customers who are in the office.

If you don’t know the frustrations and fears to avoid you can discover this when you use chatbot technology for your 2020 marketing success strategy.

Here’s what I’m talking about (a sample of an appointment based service)

A mother wishes to book an appointment for her daughter at her dentist. She has visited this dentist before and usually books her appointment via a booking app on the dentist’s website. (He already employs systems to make the customer journey seamless and time sensitive.) This time she is directed (prompted) by a chatbot on the site to book an appointment. She quickly answers the questions (most fields were pre-filled) she needed to confirm the answers. The day before and one hour before (according to her choosing) she receives a reminder of her appointment. She is put at ease because the reminders will ensure she doesn’t forget. She is assured the appointment is made. The convenience factor is top of the list for today’s heavily scheduled professional moms. Ability to book the appointment right there on her phone when she remembers adds to her satisfaction.

Your simple gesture of investing in software to ease your customer’s busy lifestyle shows care and respect. Now all you need do is to collect a few stars from her after her dental visit

This experience of a typical customer journey with an appointment booking service is enhanced through the use of chatbot technology.