Perfect domain name should be the title your customers use the most. For example. I knew there was a Sissons store in St. James, Trinidad but I could not remember the exact address. Should I drive around? No one has time for that. I searched Google. I got a website in Ireland.

I called around to family and friends and got my answer. Many citizens in Trinidad and Tobago travel frequently and in the bigger cities and countries the only way to find anything is to Google it. Yes, these habits are used in good ole TT. What does this have to do with choosing a good domain name for your website? Simple it is the beginning of what internet personnel call on-page SEO. It is the beginning of being found by your prospective customers.

The first domain name chosen by a business owner is usually the name of the company.

This is the mistake the Sissons people made. See, Sissons was bought out by a bigger company. Sissons did not have a website, so the new company put Sissons on their website. After all its their company, Right? Wrong. What is the purpose of a company? To sell? So if you are in the business of selling, you would want your prospective customers to easily find you. Make sense? If you want your subsidiary company to be found the domain name should be the one customers call you, i.e. “” This happened a few years ago, they got my message and have since then fixed it. 🙂

Your domain name or URL should be simple to type and short

Upwards of 75% people today who do searches for products and services are doing so from their mobile device. The screen is small. The buttons are small. Hence the reason to keep it as simple and as short as possible. Keeping it simple includes the periods and hyphens people add to domains if their preferred name is already taken. I advice caution in this regard as periods, hyphens, etc. may or may not cause SEO issues. The other main concern here, which I believe is the bigger problem…Would customers remember where to put the period and hyphen, if at all. When your customer types in the name they remember most probably they will forget you have a period or hyphen.

The secret to a good domain name

  • Think like a person who does not know your name, but has a problem which your company solves.
  • Ask an expert what you should choose for your domain name. If they reply, “whatever you want is a good name” I would suggest you ask another expert.
  • All things on the internet and in marketing begin with research.
  • Last but not least…the extension (what comes after the DOT)

At the beginning of the internet…(this information is no longer relevant so I won’t waste your time). .com is best used for companies as it is the default of your prospective customers. .org is best used for charities

Very few countries have strong domain name extensions are .au and .ca as it has become the norm of internet users in these countries


It all comes down to the user. What are their expectations and what is the norm for them. Trying to be unique in this area will only frustrate your prospective customers (who will give their business to your competitors) and cause you to miss your first page position on SERPs(search engine results page)

Fulfill the users intent and expectations in all things internet and for your online presence and you will arrive at the best domain name for your website

Be awesome


I started my career after our kids grew up. They taught me how to keep learning and to be the best at what I deem important. Today, as a Digital Marketing Strategist, I put my best into making your online properties deliver profits.