Close Sales Faster with this “Magic Formular”

If you are convinced that Digital Marketing is the saving process to market your business online but have not yet figured it out… I invite you to read on

In Part 1 of Close Sales Faster we discuss The Convincing concept

Does your process of closing sales look like this…

  1. run ads about your goods or services
  2. direct buyers to your website
  3. you do whatever it takes to close the sale

Yes buyers visit your site. Yes they are looking for a solution. Your website pages should be designed with your best salesperson in mind. The copy on the landing page should answer the questions they have.

The purpose of the Landing Page is to make your browsers comfortable enough to stay and look around. Buttons should be placed strategically for your browser to flip over to another page if more investigation is needed. Questions and Answers should be offered if your buyers typically have repeated questions before they buy. Benefits and features should be sprinkled throughout the page. According to the item you are selling or the complexity of your service either benefits or features takes precedent in closing the sale.

Mistakes of the Convincing Concept To Close Sales Faster

Mistake#1 The Pop-Up

Do you use pop-ups to offer a discount? Do you believe the pop-up will convince them to buy from you? If your pop-up is distracting or annoying buyers will leave. You can use the pop-up to push your buyer over the fence. But they must indicate by their behaviour on your landing page that they are interested in buying the item they’re looking at. The other role of the pop-up is to collect the contact information of your visitor so you can have a chance to follow-up. Get to know them better. Offer them a different solution. Selling is easier when the follow-up method is used correctly.

My son wanted a new chair. We visited office furniture stores together. I let him take the lead. The floors were laid out differently. One store you had to walk the whole floor to sit on the chairs. The salesperson followed him around and pre-empted with all the features of each chair as he tried them out. The next store had all the office chairs in one area. He went from tall to short. Chairs with shaped seats. Chairs with no arms. The salesperson only spoke when she was asked a question.

The chairs in the second store were of better quality. He enjoyed the second salesperson more than the first.

Convincing is very close to being pushy. No one likes being pushed around. Especially if they value their bubble. In marketing you have to know when to push and when not to push for the sale.

Mistake #2 Big Promise In Marketing Messages

Buyers are becoming smart to the antics of the Big promise salesy guys.

70% of prospects search and compare before they buy.
53% of all web traffic come from organic search
What do these stats say about buyers? They want to be unknown as long as possible and make the decision without being seen. How can you take advantage of this information? Move the convincing part of your selling to your marketing team. Share all the reasons why your buyers should consider you. In the marketing message (1) share your vision in your marketing (2) spend more time building trust in Social Media campaigns, (3) collect reviews on your social properties.
Close sales faster by sharing your willingness to help clarify their thoughts about what you sell. Share stories of doing business with you. In one word – Transparency
I wish you all the best in your endeavours to close sales faster. 
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