Written by Bernadette Chin Lee on December 7th, 2016 Posted in Inbound Marketing, Market Your Website

Content Marketing Success

Content Marketing is a long term marketing strategy for businesses

Let’s say you’re at a cocktail party and you ask the person you just met. So how exactly does a psychologist help a parent discipline a child without anger? Then the psychologist either asks a question; or goes off on a tangent and completely bores the person to death for the next hour.

Which angle would you like to take? The angle of answering the real question that the person wants to know more about? Or. The angle of talking and talking and the person pretending to listen.

Content Marketing must be relevant to your reader(let’s get back to the blog here). So your headline should be pointing to a question you know your target audience wants answered. Headlines and the short description below is what Google/Bing/Tumblr offers up when someone types in a question. The Search engine wants to give the searcher/surfer the choice to visit your website if your headline is relevant and optimized for that keyword.

Google wants you to

  • keep your headline to less than 60 characters.
  • You may as well as may not repeat your keyword. In this blog I repeated mine.
  • Your keyword should be at the beginning of the headline.
  • Really capture attention of your searcher/surfer with a punchy Headline

The Content in your blog must be relevant and understandable. Let’s go back to the psychologist. In the field of psychology as in many other fields, including mine, there are lots of jargon of the industry. Keep your words simple and talk about the solution of the problem you are attempting to answer. For the Psychologist; he needs to know the stage of the child and what the parent has tried, what the parent understands about disciplining. So if I were the psychologist and write a blog about disciplining a child without anger, then I would hone in on a particular stage. Write about how to solve the typical problems of that stage. I would probably have enough content to keep me busy for 12 months, maybe more. There is no one solution.

From my experience of parenting 7 children. Not one child is alike. What works for one does not work for another. What works today for child number 3 would not work next year for that same child.

Content Marketing for your business will work best if you create your content plan. Have a look at the year. Is your business seasonal? What is your ideal customer doing in February versus August? Will your target audience need more help on the topic of ‘how to teach a child to study for tests, for retention, for self confidence…’ See how many different bits of content can be written around studying?

A great Content marketing strategy is to plan out your topics 3 months in advance. That gives enough time for feedback and editing from all involved on your marketing team.

The Goal of Content Marketing is to either grow your email list, (your list of followers or interested people), grow your market share, increase your SERP or increase sales.

Content Marketing is long term because after people read your credibility because of how much content you’ve shared through your blog; they grow to trust you and then they will buy from you. Google also ranks your website higher when it indexes your content consistently. (Not all blog posts are indexed)

The 7 Elements of a Great Content Marketing Plan

  1. The more heads the better(build a content marketing team)
  2. Focus on who you’re talking to (your ideal customer and their needs)
  3. Keep your writing simple, remember your role is to solve problems not add to your customer’s stress.
  4. Choose the cultural voice and tone of your business and reveal it in your content
  5. Search engines indexes your content when it is optimized
  6. Plan your content with a series of specific blog posts
  7. Encourage and entice your readers to comment
  8. I welcome questions and feedback so I could serve you better. Write in the box below.

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