As a Digital Marketer content for your target market is easiest way.

Whether you sell online or in person people today always do online (background) research on you before they decide to do business with you. In the retail industry competition is high. The best way to reach your target market easily is to add content to your online properties regularly.

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Message to Target Market

Content which your target market likes to see

People want to know if your customers are happy with your service. If you have a return policy. How you handle online customer disputes. Start saving what people say about you. Take screenshots from your Facebook Page, LinkedIn, etc. and of course your website. Allowing others to comment on your site shows your transparency. Collect comments at the bottom of your blogs.

Make sure you ask permission to use their comments. Thank them for being generous, taking their time to stop and leave a testimonial about you. You can use these testimonials in your shop as well as in a future blog post or even a flyer.

Mobile content

Why is mobile content different from other content? Think of it this way. Your target market sees the product you sell on television and they quickly whip out their phone or tablet and ask for a review on the product, a comparison, or what earlier buyers have to say about it. Wouldn’t it be great if your site appears close to the top of page 1? Many retail businesses see mobile content as a waste of time. So they have not updated their website.

Mobile consumers have less patience than desktop consumers.  The font needs to be big enough to read. Yes, mobile devices allow consumers to expand the screen. If they have to constantly be expanding the screen and moving the screen left to right and back again to read your text…CLICK, they’re gone. Other mobile friendly design experiences have trained them to have high expectations form all sites. Consumers today are pampered and jump off sites where their finger tap takes them to the wrong page. Speed is also a major factor. Load slowly and your target market will quickly hit the back button and even if you occupy many positions on this page or show up for other relevant searches. They will not give you a second chance. Mobile consumers search during gaps of time in their day. They have 3- 5 minutes to find the answer they’re looking for. Your content must adapt to your mobile target market.

Content should always be geared towards converting your target market after they have found you

No company in the retail industry want to spend time and money creating content to satisfy their target market only to get little or no conversion. Your research must reveal what will convert them. Your content must cater to different segments of your target market. Keep in mind that only 10% of your target market actually buy right away. About 65% of people buy after they have seen you repeatedly up to 10 – 15 times.

Digital Marketers write content for all segments of your target market and adapt to what increases conversion. Call WSIwwwExperts today to help you implement the best content marketing strategy that converts your target market.

I look forward to your comment or question below. I love seeing the smile on my client’s faces when their marketing ROI is achieved.

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