Written by Bernadette Chin Lee on June 30th, 2016 Posted in Digital Marketing Strategy, Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy Pulls Your Prospects Towards You Like A Magnet.

Identify Your Prospects

Firstly create a list of all the solutions you wish to provide your perfect prospect, then ask yourself why they would choose you over your competition. Marketing agencies also refer to prospects as buyer personas. For me, I prefer to call inbound marketing; relationship marketing. I prefer the more personal touch.  Do you prefer to know your customer before you sell to them? Or are you comfortable just giving them what they need. Either way the process of identifying your perfectly loyal customer is the same.

  • How does your solution satisfy their goals, needs, or pains?
  • What do they like and dislike about your goods and/or services?
  • What are the challenges and issues of your niche market?
  • How does your competition attract and satisfy your prospects?

Attract And Nurture Prospects Into Buyers and Loyal Fans With Inbound Marketing

The biggest challenge for a digital marketing strategy to work for any company is to attract attention from new prospects. Challenge does not equal impossible. It just means you need to be creative with your strategy and that your strategy must be from multiple angles.

How to attract? Make it easy for your prospects to find you. Entice your prospects to click on your content. The oldest and best trick is still a curiosity.

The digital marketing strategies to attract prospects is to have them subscribe to your blogs by using RSS feed button.

Use SEO strategy with your content marketing. If you simply add new content to your website without an SEO package you are pretty much making your content marketing very ineffective. No one will know you uploaded content.

Nurture your leads by demonstrating your expertise through videos, webinars, ebooks, email marketing and YES by getting them to buy small-ticket items. When they buy or raise their hands segment them and continue to follow-up especially through email campaigns and phone calls.

You want to entice your prospects to share your content. Most people want to share great inspiring stories. So go find inspiring stories. I never said that everything your post has to be yours.

Digital Marketing Sales During Inbound Marketing Campaign

How do you create high converting call to action buttons? When you know your prospects, giving them what they need, becomes easy. Get the prospect into your funnel and as you continue to nurture them you will get better at what quality offer will make them click the BUY button or simply the subscribe button.

For a Dentist, a high-quality offer might be a pdf on how to determine an abscess. Of course, the prospect that clicks would be one in pain. A person with a toothache needs a dentist. Offer them the information and they will trust you.

Continue To Make It Easy And Fun For Your Prospects To Engage With You

Keep leads engaged with promotions, webinars, email marketing, contests, and always follow-up with a phone call after an opt-in or purchase.

The aim here is to make the work of nurturing leads less tedious and burdensome while increasing the profitability of your leads.

What to offer prospects

Here in this image, are a few suggestions of what you can offer as quality content.

Hope you found great valuable information and you’d gladly share my blog on your favorite social site. I’d love to hear from you on how I could serve you better. For now I hope you have a better understanding of how to create an effective inbound marketing strategy that generates qualified leads.

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