Website Traffic is what you looking for to sell online

How to bring traffic to Your eCommerce Website

Create a Pinterest business account. SEO optimize your account. Create Boards. Create pins in 1 hour each day. Follow others (build your network by being active on the social platform. Save other pins to your boards (this is the power of a pin.)

Your content spreads when other Pinterest users save your pins to their boards. it all works seamlessly. The user wants more information every time they click.  Each click brings traffic closer to your selling page on your website. (I’m assuming here that your website pages are built to sell. i.e. optimised for the conversion.)

It’s recommended by Pinterest experts to also have your own personal account separate from your business account. BIG tip here. Keep business and personal accounts separate.

Types of Pins that bring traffic to your website

Pinterest Content: Images, infographics, videos, pretty much same content you put on other social platforms.

Each click should take them to your site. What other Social platform encourages you to do that? Facebook used to do this. Now their users are complaining of too many ads. If you are not creating ad campaigns with an expert you should probably move to where amateurs are generating great website traffic. At the moment Pinterest is the only social platform that wants your social campaigns to be profitable. Most other social platforms want you to stay on their site only. If you the click takes users off-site they either charge you more or show your ads/content to few people. And their algorithms control what you see. These algorithms are constantly changing.


Pinterest Segmenting: Create boards: categorise your pins. Build stories around your products and services.


What should you be doing to generate website traffic?

Goal/Purpose of Content: Create, Inspire, SELL, Story-tell, BRAND, Plan, YOU, FUTURE

Always be improving. Always be learning. Advertise your pins (TEST).

Keep your Sales Funnel traffic intrigued and engaged

Fresh content. Use the same content as on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest but the images need to be resized. Pinterest understands that most users browse from their mobile while filling the gap. They continue their idea projects. They continue where they left off. Pinterest is built for life interruptions. Research is the key to great marketing for your retail sales. Keep social users intrigued and engaged by uploading new content frequently. BIG TIP: the less you talk about your products and the more you talk about the customer… the more traffic you generate for your website



Why should you pay attention to the information I’m sharing?

Pinterest is the place to be if you want sales. Pinterest is built for business owners and retailers to generate website traffic (and sell.) Even if you were to build your account poorly, you should get traffic results. In today’s Digital Sales World Pinterest content gives you maximum reach. Why should you market? To generate website Traffic!!!

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