Customers have problems which your service solves. Your process of customer service proves you are the preferred solution not your ads and social posts. Customers are tired of the banner promises and social ads. A company will win the trust of their social network when they post with the intention of interacting and entertaining.

Then again, online branding should not be taken lightly by uploading random social posts. Ads repel customers from visiting your page if you are always interrupting them with a sales message. Change the intention of your social presence and your fans will want to hop over to your page when your ad shows up in their newsfeed.

Let’s say you’re a retail store selling GoPro cameras and accessories. of course you need sales. Yes you should advertise. Advertise so they remember you sell GoPro products and accessories. GoPro helps them record their treks through the bamboo patches of Chaguaramas. But. Would your ad compel them to drive over to your store and buy from you and not from your competitor? This is a serious question you need to keep in mind when running ads. There are ways to get them into your store other than price war or sale. That’s a blog for another day. (Want the answer now? Contact me)


Advertising your products tells viewers to Pick You

Why you should change your advertising tacticskid on phone

Parents are training their kids to control what they do and who is allowed to stand in front of them. What does that mean for you? Simple. More often than not they choose to swipe you aside. You must be relevant. You must connect with them emotionally or they will not let you into their world. The more I listen to my 18 year old son, the more I hear that a non sensical, non contextual image, video, audio the higher the probability of it being loved and shared.



I’m absolutely sure you do it to your kids as well, “Honey, is that what you want? Then go for it.”

Customize your message

Customers want a message that resonates with them. A message that speaks to their needs and desires. A good company message that grows your leads and sales has this intent buried in your daily social posts, your website blogs, and most importantly in your physical store. Is your customer service, from complaints to compliments, imbued with “customer satisfaction”?

I remember at the beginning of the Amazon story. I loved Amazon because they honored my returns. Full money back guarantee, no questions asked. They took the risk of accepting returns. What are you willing to risk to improve customer care?

The online company that grows is the company that is willing to change how they deliver their products and how they make their customers feel in-store, online, and especially after they have left the store. What are you willing to do to bring them back to you? How about…brag about you?

Customer service is at the root of your relationship.


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