For businesses owners of a well-oiled functioning eCommerce Website before COVID19 sent us all home… It was business as usual

Customers Do Not Care About Your Brand. They Want Their Goods

Profitable Digital Marketing Actions serve the purpose of keeping the connection channels open between the staff (or eCommerce website) and your buyers. Our Weekly videos will be focusing on what critical Digital Marketing Actions you should be executing to grow your sales and revenue.

eCommerce websites support marketing and sales staff. Some consumers enjoy the luxury of shopping from their mobile device or desktop. Some consumers start their journey online and still enjoy physical shopping. Do not make the mistake of forcing a customer to shop how you want them to shop.

here are some tips to making the online shopping journey User Friendly

  • Keep it simple. Use images where possible to speak a thousand words. Less is More. Say as much as you need to describe how you solve their problem and why they should buy from you and as short as possible to keep their attention. Variety of colours can be distracting, if there are too many, and they most likely would miss the most important button: “Buy Now”
  • Don’t make me think. This is the hardest of the Keep It Simple rules. Most business owners want to explain everything while maintaining the professional composure. In other words they use industry jargon to show authority and expertise in their field. I am not in the insurance field and I, like any other citizen of this world, need insurance. When you write your policies in your industry jargon… I read SCAM. Why? Because when your words confuse me I am afraid that I may buy something that I don’t want. You trick me into buying what I don’t want. Hence the reason why I refuse to write my blogs with all the high-tech language of other Digital Marketing Agencies.
  • Map clear Paths. Navigation and architecture of a website facilitates ease of use by the consumer. Business owners are blind to the confusion on their site because they understand their business. You should not build a website you like. You must build your eCommerce website from the consumer point of view. How best do they give you feedback? When they buy. High percentage of purchases on your eCommerce website validates a great User friendly eCommerce website and confirms it as an asset.
  • Speak to their Pains and Frustrations. The copy on your page should tell stories. Your images and videos also demonstrate how much you understand their pains and frustrations and how well you take care of them. Do not worry about the particular people who visit your site and complain of too many words and too many testimonies… they don’t have enough conviction to buy from you. They are not your best client YET.

Digital Marketing Actions of a Awesome Online Brand


Easy to Find

Compelling Words that make them buy

Buy Now or Delay Purchase

Repeat Selling Opportunities


Cost Effective Digital Marketing Advertising

pain: need more revenue

frustration: spent so much with nothing to rave about

Online Advertising: Does it really work?


Awesome Brand Awareness is the Bonus of a Strong List of Digital Marketing Actions

Advertising can keep your brand top of mind.

Social Media is more than Top of Mind strategy. You must connect more and converse more to sell more.

The ultimate result of a strong online brand is Sales, Contracts, and more Sales

Social Media posts satisfy top of funnel onlookers, mid-funnel interest followers, and hot buyers. Hence one post and one message cannot be considered a profitable social campaign.

Social Media improves your sales and your Brand overtime. Supports a cost effective online advertising campaign. Reduces the cost of converting leads (actual names, emails and phone numbers)

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