Your social content should click to something (A PURCHASE)… otherwise you’re wasting your marketing dollars

Social Posts Are Pieces of Content That Helps Searchers Find Your Website

I’d like to talk to you today about a Social Platform that works as an arrow to your website and each post boosts your SEO results. There is no intrusion into your audience’s life because users come to this social platform looking for a problem to be solved. In other words, they are looking to be inspired. They are looking for information. They are looking for other people’s content (posts, links, ideas, suggestions) to answer a question they need answered.

THEY ARE LOOKING TO BUY if you are ready to take your order

When users of social media go to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the like they are looking for a laugh or something to fill a gap moment. When your ad shows up in their newsfeed. They recognize it as an ad and they slide right pass it. Mind you, they are the very ones who searched for your social content yesterday. But at the moment they are not interested in you. I’d like to tell you that there is a site where social post content clicks have higher than normal click-throughs that end up in a purchase simply because your content is in the form that people love… images.

Research shows that people react very easily to images. So why not match 2 behaviours that leads clicks to your website. People love images. People want answers to their problems. Pinterest is the social platform where a social posts click ends up in a purchase more than any other social platform.

  • 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL
  • Pinterest is responsible for >41% of eCommerce traffic (International Statistic)
  • 70% of people are inspired to buy from pins

I want you to think of being 100% present and ready to transact a purchase when your customer is ready. You want every click to matter. You want every social content to have positive financial impact for your business. Even if your searcher is interrupted while in your sales funnel, there is no such thing as an unknown and abandoned cart. Pinterest makes it easy for users to Bookmark what they like by having them “Save the Pins on categorised boards” The platform is built for easy sales and easy recall when your to-be-customer resumes his search.

Remember, it’s a customer journey you are orchestrating. It’s a dance you initiate. You are in their life ready to take another step on their cue(i.e. when they are ready.) Create sales funnels in this format and you don’t need to worry about high engagement cause you will be busy transacting sales with your new customers.

When your social content dances with your customer they move quicker to the sales cart and actually tell others about how great you are. Customers who enjoy their customer journey are happy customers and happy customers share their experience with their friends. You really didn’t do anything other than sell them your product. All you did was speak when you were spoken to. You did not force them to do anything. You didn’t ask them for a referral either. The platform is built for referrals to happen. When a person saves your pin to their account… your pin gets a natural boost.

Most other social media platforms were built to entertain and added monetizing (allow businesses to advertise to a captured audience) as an afterthought. The Pinterest Social Platform is built with purpose. Sellers quickly know what pins do well. Sellers are encouraged to be very purposeful in the content they upload. At the beginning Pinterest attracted artisans of all kinds. Today: all industries, all levels of business owners (entrepreneurs, retailers, professionals,) all types of products gain sales from their Pinterest account.


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