More Revenue?
Deliver on your promises at all touch-points of your customer journey before and after they buy
What Can Digital Marketing Do For YOU?
  1. solves your awareness problem
  2. Gives you ability to run new ads, different ads, follow peeps around the web
  3. Allows you to scale easily

First Path to More Revenue…

I invite you to deploy digital marketing within your customer relationship management processes and strategies
Allow me to enter your business for a moment. Behind the scenes.
The hardest task in marketing any business is staying relevant to your client’s needs throughout their time with you AND satisfying them efficiently within projected costs.
You need to maintain a healthy business. You need to stay close to your mission and vision statements and be able to share this with your clients without the words. You know “Love is deeds not sweet words.” St. Josemaria heard these words whispered in his ears.
I bought a product from a friend. I needed what she was selling. She was my friend.
But when I ran into a problem. I took it to the customer service department. I felt as if I was not hearing the truth.
You know “fluff”
I went to my friend who was at her desk. She promptly alerted the customer service manager. Which is really ALL she could do.
The “fluff” continued. Empty promises. Nice words. No movement in my direction.
We all know the agenda. No refund. No cost to the company.
Smile and Wave
Business as usual
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I’d Like to Propose That The Fastest Way to More Revenue is Customer Retention

For offline marketing. It’s simply Total Marketing budget divided by the number of new customers. The numbers are wild in this scenario because a new customer this month could be the result of a campaign from last month or 3 months ago.
For online marketing. The math is a bit more specific.
But it depends on how much technology you subscribe to track your numbers and your customers from a statistic on Facebook to a number in your marketing automation system to a lead to a conversation with a sales rep and FINALLY a purchase.
And Guess WHAT?
You could lose the sale at any point along your customer’s journey to the checkout counter!
In short. Gaining new customers is a lot more work and you never know if a campaign will succeed or fail. It’s just the nature of advertising and marketing.
If you do know your numbers… Cost of Customer acquisition, Lifetime value of your average customer, what ROI would truly make you happy.  You would also know how far you can go to
satisfy a customer’s bad experience. You would know the cost of keeping that customer happy.
This is the first path to more Revenue
Feel free to share this if it made sense. You never know whose business you will be saving. These days every penny needs to put to be good use
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