Google Delivers Better Search To Improve Your Digital Marketing 2021

Google will be updating key measurement factors that allow your website to rank. They call it Core Web Vitals. After they send a Google search to your site (i.e. they place you on page 1 for the query within positions 1-10) Google will measure key factors. Their main concern is user experience. What will they be measuring? Load speed. How quickly your site or page loads. The length of time before the user interacts with your page. Page stability, i.e. during load-time the content on the page tend to jump around to accommodate new sections as the page loads. It’s all about the user experience.


Facebook Wants Feel Good Content. You Must Improve Your Digital Marketing Content 2021

Don’t even bother to argue that Facebook is not in your audience’s life. All social platforms compete to catch up with Facebook’s command of Social Media. Two main updates I have collected in the last month. Facebook wants more feel-good content on their platform. They want their business users to be advertising regularly. Spend consistently and they will reward you. Update your page and profile regularly and consistently.

Social Media for a Better Digital Marketing 2021

I am totally guilty of this one. Cross posting the same content the same size the same copy across my four favourite social platforms. I want to post on Pinterest but too lazy(too busy) to resize for best results. So here’s some research I did to help you. Use