Are you taking Daily Marketing Action to bring about your desired growth results?

Let’s get down to Daily Actions for marketing your ideas so the right audience will find you.

Calls – Yes. the phone works. But this is not to make an introduction to your services or to book an initial appointment. Phone calls work best when used as a follow-up after your lead requested a paper/study on your website or a small purchase they made yesterday.


Social posts – share value and make people laugh and smile on social media. Talk about yourself the least. Listen more about what people who buy products you sell are saying on their profiles.

Promotions – Everyone has a special product or service that people love. How long did it take Mc Donalds to realise that their loss leader was their fries? People came for the fries and then ordered a hamburger. Their biggest jump in profits started from the day they asked, “Would you like to Upsize that?”

Time to Engage – have conversations with passed connections. Stop and say hello. Ask a question. Share the niceties of life. Most of all. Expect nothing in return. People can read your agenda and if you are only nice because you have an agenda… well, they will catch on and tell others not to be your friend.

Read – great ideas and solutions come to those who read. Talking to yourself can help but collaboration delivers faster results. Allow authors to argue with you when you listen to their expert advice.

Brainstorm and Plan – Someone needs to steer the boat (your business journey) or you will wake up one day and your reality would be… “How in the world did this happen to me”

Take care of business– Delegate and demand reports. Real-time reports in today’s digital era is the foundation of success for any business. If the brain behind a business is bogged down in day to day operations… growth is stalled. What percentage should you be involved with operations? Long enough to see NO RED FLAGS. All businesses can benefit from bots and AI to deliver immediate RED FLAGS. Delegate mundane tasks to technology or to hired staff whichever is more efficient and accurate.

When you combine all your daily marketing actions you will be in a better position to scale your business to higher profits with your focus on the horizon.

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