Time to generate money from all your Social Media Marketing Fans

2020  has to be your year for new business growth… Pay attention ( 3 Minute read). Subscribers: learn lots of tips. Should you love them? Of course. But it’s time to only pay attention to the subcribers who reach out and actually talk to you. They leave comments or share your content. The ones that love you also use your #hashtags. Are you ready to turn your subscribers and fans by creating profitable social content campaigns? Work with me and your sales will rise by the end of the year or at least… let your website pages answer the questions from potential Google searchers. Internet/digital marketing is complicated. No need to complicate your Social Media Content. Read on… let me explain.

What are you doing to generate LIKES on your social pages? Who do you have in your corner producing ROI from your social media campaigns?

Today’s blog was inspired by Michael Stelzna’s (of SSM) podcast interview with David Meerman Scott. (author of Fanocracy… how to turn Fans into Customers and Customers to Fans)

Social Media is about Content Creation.

Share the information about why you do business the way you do. Share your knowledge and insights about your industry. Help your fans to make better decisions regarding your products and services. Social Media is not an advertising medium. Social Media users want information. They want conversations and connection. They want to have a human connection with your brand.

Build communities around your brand. 

Have online and offline events. Engage with your social fans to build trust. Businesses who focus on community building while sales are great will not lose market share when the economy goes bad and everyone is tightening their belt (bracing) for slow sales. The business coaches say it… “You get what you focus on.”

Messenger chat allow us to have connection and conversation

Fan dumps are crucial to each generation. People put themselves into Fan groups, Tribes, Groupees. Companies who use this in their social media campaigns continue to grow without massive adspend. Fans willingly do what their Group/Tribe leader tells them to do. Subtle messages and handshakes are also part of it. What do I mean by “Fan Dumps?” If you touch on what connects your fans to you… you can dump anything on them and they will love you for it. Do it respectfully and watch your “fan dumps” turn into profitable sales.

Case Study: Hagerty Car Insurance. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLgEVx4mzk3T3mzgbKG54Eg

They know and market to what their fans are passionate about.

Haggerty insurance youtube channel grew their customers and realised double digit compound growth in since they began this social media content campaign.

Be faithful to your fanbase and they will love you. They will tell others about you. They will share your content from your online platforms including your website. You become a VERB.

Avoid controlling how your community interacts with your Social Media Marketing Content

Your Logo, your brand. Let people talk about you how they see you. If you control what your fans say – tell your fans how to speak about you… they will disappear the minute a new competitor shows up in the marketplace.

“bigup” your fans and re-post their content about you. Disconnect your Ego from your creations. “Once you put your creation out into the world it no longer belongs to you it belongs to your fans” ~ Reiko Meerman Scott.

Should you collect emails before your fans get your whitepaper or after?

Case Study: Grateful Dead wanted to focus on their concerts. When a person bought a ticket they were allowed to record the performance. They (the band) focused on their performance. Their true fans bought concert tickets again and again. You make your decision. Just note that emails before the whitepaper are more cold than the emails after they have read your whitepaper.

For reading my blog article… Here’s an Insider Tip: look directly at your camera when you do your videos. If you are camera shy and want to get over this obstacle. Give me a call. I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs and gave them the boost they needed. Hit the message button (bottom right corner).

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