Social Media Content: Marketing for Business Growth

Is 2020 your year for business growth? Pay attention. Do you have lots of subscribers and/or fans. Should you love them? Yeah. Do your sales correspond with your social media marketing efforts? Generate income from your Social Media efforts or at least let your website pages answer potential questions from Google searchers.

What are you doing to generate SALES from your social content? Who do you have directing your sales growth?

Today’s blog was inspired by Michael Stelzna’s (of SME) interview with David Meerman Scott. (author of Fanocracy… how to turn Fans into Customers and Customers to Fans)

Social Media is about Content Creation.

Share the information about why you do business the way you do. Social Media is not an advertising medium. Social Media users want information. They want conversations and connection. They want to have a human connection with your brand.

Build communities around your social media brand

Messenger chat allow us to have connection and conversation with your social communities. We’re discussing this on our Thursday Business Development Digital Marketing Broadcast. Connect for more information.

“Fan dumps” are crucial to each generation. Groups of fans form around social icons, artists, and leaders. Such leaders exist in all industries. Becoming a leader in your field is open to everyone who is ready to step up to the plate. To be scrutinised, laughed at, and admired. Fans put themselves into Fan groups or tribes. Companies who create social media content to feed the connection, emotions, styles, and crazy desires of their fans will continue to grow without massive advertising budgets.

Case Study: Hagerty Car Insurance. Their content resonates with their fans.

Haggerty Car Insurance has a YouTube channel. They grew their customer base to 200K and continues to experience double digit compound growth since their campaign launch.

Be faithful to your fanbase and they will tell others about you. They will share your content from your online platforms including your website. Respect their loyalty.

Avoid Controlling your Social Media Fans and how they use your content

Your Logo, your brand, your posts. Let your fans talk. Learn how they see you. If you control what your fans say they will disappear the minute a new competitor shows up in the marketplace.

“Bigup” your fans and re-post their content when they mention you. You will generate more sales and profits. Separate your Ego from your creations. “Once you put your creation into the world it no longer belongs to you it belongs to your fans” ~ Reiko Meerman Scott.

Elements of a Social Media Content Marketing Campaign

Create a sales funnel. At some point in the campaign you need to grow your network. You need to know who your fans are. You need to measure the success of each workflow. You need to know who is buying what and when and which content generates the most sales. Gone are the days of just watching sales increase. You must measure every step.

When should you collect names and emails? Before your fans get your whitepaper or after

Case Study: Grateful Dead focused on concert sales. Concert fans bought were allowed to record the performances. The band delivered different performances. True fans bought again and again. The choice is yours. But you must test before you choose. Just note that fans who share emails in order to get a whitepaper are more cold than the fans who interact with you after they’ve read your whitepaper.

Build a passionate following (more than wht you say)

Strong connections. Create a safe space for your fans. Create reasons for your fans to meet you or interact with you. Give them a reason to belong. Insider Tip: look directly at your camera when you do your videos. (If you are camera shy and want to get over this obstacle. Hit the message button (bottom right corner.) I have worked with many entrepreneurs who needed a sales funnel to generate income from their social media content.