Generate leads Pay Per Click advertising

7 key elements of a Successful PPC Campaign

  1. Keyword Research -discover what your customers are asking
  2. Ad Copy – relevant to what’s bothering your customers and ease them into trusting you
  3. A/B Testing – even the best marketers can never can tell where the sweet spot is
  4. Bid management – this is where AI comes in
  5. Landing Page – continues the buyers journey. Be consistent with the ad
  6. CTA call to action – you know the term, now let’s do it right
  7. Measure. Tweak. Improve – understand the data your ad campaign is collecting

The traditional sales funnel captures leads. As persons(lead) flow through your sales funnel different content filters out the serious leads from the general interest public. At various stages convertions to the next stage is as critical as converting from leads to customers. You can impact or impress your leads with online social selling and social media. Leads convert at any stage. Thus the nagging question – Is pay per click or PPC, still needed? effective? or relevant for generating qualified leads for my business?

As a believer in the 4 pillars of digital marketing – search, site, social and mobile, I am as concerned that you match your culture to the most effective online lead generation. Pay per click or PPC is based on knowledge and practical experience – having applied it successfully to my clients’ businesses! I encourage you to understand why PPC continues to be one of the most outstanding methods of generating leads fast.

I will elaborate a little bit more on the 7 key elements of a successful pay per click or PPC campaign.

Keyword research

will keep you in front of your relevant audience. You will be using their words rather than your industry jargon. In one industry ‘brief’ means – tell me in as minimum words as possible what happened. in another industry ‘brief’ may mean a scant piece of clothing. For a person who has never had the opportunity to be on an operation table they have no idea what you mean when you say ‘non-invasive cardiology procedures’ All they hear is: cardio  and they go into a panic mode.

Back on track…

If you are talking about non-invasive cardiology procedures on your website, Facebook page, etc….I guarantee you, your patient is not thinking these words unless they have already visited 2+ doctors for their heart problem. Keyword research is vital to being in front the right audience at the beginning of your online lead generating efforts.

Ad Copy.

is how you engage your audience with the right words that builds trust and authority. Ad copy is more than the text you use in your actual ad. The text you use next to the image you advertise should filter your audience. Ad copy is as vital to the success of your ad as the effort you put into the image.

I’ll jump to point #7 (if you want more…join my list)

Measure. Tweak. Improve

Every step of your ad must be collecting data on who is reacting to your ppc ad. Alongside the duration of your ad campaign you must continue to upload engaging social posts. This is part of social selling. Conversion at every stage of the sales funnel or buyers journey is vital to great results. Are you able to increase your conversion percentages every week? If yes, great! Keep at it! If not. 🙁 Best you call me and fast. Don’t waste another day. Call me and let’s Improve your ability to generate leads with pay per click today.