Chatbot Technology

allows Business owners to be where their future customers are

Enhances Consumer journey

Qualifies and segments leads

Shortens the sales cycle and books appointments faster

Chatbot Technology

Chatbot Technology Stats (these are the stats we’ve been collecting in our campaigns)

Average open rate of a message is 80% compared to 20% for eMail Marketing

Average close rate is 20% of leads as compared to 2% for eMail Marketing and 3-5% for Online Google and Facebook Ads

Typical lead is 20% qualified compared to 2% for online Google and Facebook ads

10X Conversion into leads

Advertise to Facebook community and you can follow-up with messages directly to their phone at no extra advertising costs

Why Choose Chatbot Technology

All I know is the businesses who adopts this technology will experience growing profits and lots of happy customers.The competition will be blown away. Chatbot technology makes happier customers. Happier customers return more frequently, they tell their friends and family about you, they no longer check out other places to buy what you sell – all because you make them feel special.

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