Can We Generate Your eCommerce Sales In Time For BlackFriday2020? Definitely

Keeping an eCommerce webstore open can be expensive. Especially when you’re only experiencing low to no sale days. We’re not here to reduce your expenses. We are here to help you get the GOAL. The reason why you’re in business. Goal===> generate eCommerce sales

In the Caribbean… eCommerce stores have been running BlackFriday sales

Are YOU making these 5 Common eCommerce Page Mistakes?

No categories

Too many moving images, too many options

Confusing colour scheme

Images – resolution, not appealing, 

Design – clean, colour scheme, theme, fonts, etc

Before you expend anymore to build an awesome online brand…

“First. Take Care of The Biggest Problems First”

Grow your Revenue

We want you to use your revenue to pay for your eCommerce website. Build it to operate as an asset.

Don’t look at marketing as expenses. Digital Marketing is not high risk.  Never before in history has it been possible to test marketing results with low budgets. Marketing can generate eCommerce sales for your business with the right strategy. Many businesses who make millions today tested failed until they discovered the right way to market and sell. What’s important to note… the ones who test are still here. Do you want to generate eCommerce sales? Then market aggressively. Meaning market just beyond where you are comfortable. Test different avenues, different messages, different social platforms.

If you only invest in marketing to see immediate guaranteed revenue. If you want a hard and fast immediate correlation between your digital marketing and your eCommerce sales? Then you will not survive much longer. Here is a short list of digital marketing services and their estimated returns. While these are true for successful marketers they may not be true for you. We list it here because it is possible. 


Social media marketing returns are realised  6 months into the future
SEO returns are realised  3 – 9 months into the future
Email marketing returns are realised next monday
Messenger marketing returns are realised in 24 hours
Online Paid Advertising returns should and can be immediate


as a gift for reading this blog. Before you create your next piece of content to generate eCommerce sales put your future leads into one of these 3 groups

Where To Find Qualified Leads?

For your products and services ASK yourself – who is the most likely to buy from me and build a relationship with them

There are 3 groups of people you should be looking for

Group 1 

People who have a history of buying related products in their recent history. 

Group 2 

People who are buying your product by name and buying from your competitor

Group 3

People who are asking questions about what you sell