How “On The Edge” niche marketing strategy delivers new sales… Every time. Are you ready to be risky?

How Quiet Shy Strong-Willed Tim Broke Away From His Flat Sales and Into Profits

It really doesn’t matter how shy you are and how private you wish to live your life. If you’re looking for solutions to blow up what’s keeping your business at flat sales and zero profit growth. then you’d love this article. Actually these thoughts are only for risk-takers who are actively seeking out new niche markets. The ones who are fed up of “This is how we do business” debate. they know sales and the profits should dictate “What we do.”

What brought you here is not necessarily going to take you to the next level. Marshall Goldsmith explains this concept in his book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. (By the way, the Tim I’m referring to is Tim Cook CEO of Apple Inc 2011 – present)

Do you repeat quotes like this? but you’re not sure if you are implementing what you’re saying?

Let’s get to the details of working out what Risks you should be taking to discover your new niche market and break away from your flat sales.

  • Stand 100% behind what you put at the core of your business culture. Believe in your audience. Trust them. Know their desires and why they buy from you even though they have never told you (outright). Buyers speak with their wallets. Are sales flat? They’re trying to tell you something.
  • Read books. Lots of them
  • Listen to your audience. Ask them questions. Don’t outsource this critical exercise. That’s why we invented bots. Bots do the hard work while you do the smart work. Bots give you the opportunity to be in front of many while they (the buyer) totally believe they are your #1 customer… always
  • Be transparent. Perfect no longer sells. The new P is personality.
  • Don’t launch marketing campaigns to scream (or pop in front of) the masses. Go “back to the drawing board” to find where your niche buyer markets are and give them more of what they like.

JC Penny actually made profits while ‘always’ running sales. Best Buy almost disappeared until CEO Brad Anderson stopped to have conversations with his buyers (who are still with him).

  • Develop risky and unsafe projects. You never know where your new niche market is.
  • This next point I’ve heard again and again from brilliant marketing minds: “Create your own competition” (think beyond the inferior version of your current best seller)
  • The same consumer buys different products for different reasons. Research and test till their wallets start speaking.

Thank you for reading. Hope I was able to wake up some old questions. Are you ready to be “On The Edge?”

When you are ready to risk your “brand” and climb to the next level of sales and awesomeness CALL or MESSAGE me to discover what will position your business in front of your new niche market