Roshanda lives in South Carolina and is a descendant of Trinidadian parents. She loved the stories her Grandmother used to tell. Her grandmother gave her a love of storytelling.

Roshanda breaks down how to find your story that sells and why you should never stop telling your story.

Coaches and mentors today and for the past 10 years have been pushing their students to tell their story. The TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! It’s true. It works. Many tell their story. They record their story and while on camera on Facebook Live. They breakdown. Share their breakthrough. Share what’s working for them. Invite you to join them. IT works. Truly.

In the video we will cover: What if I prefer to keep my emotions to myself.

My family life private

My business struggles private

What if my story is boring or my product is boring

On today’s #BusinessDevelopmentTVtt broadcast video above we may not answer your scenario that’s going on in your head or heart. We may not reveal the key that will unlock the story that’s bottled up inside you.

We’re inviting you to START your journey

KNOW what to tell the World and … what to keep private

What your audience needs to know about you so your story resonates with them


The COVID era Is Upon Us!

Do you want to be the FIRST business they buy from? Then share! Because YOUR STORY resonates with them! Keep telling your story and your following will grow.

If you are ready to craft your stroy that makes selling easier from your website… then watch the video above

I am open to hearing your thoughts and how our broadcast helped you understand the art of crafting a story that sells