eCommerce product images on a budget

Anyone can take images. Here are some quick tips:

  • Hold camera with both hands
  • hold your breath while you press the snap button
  • The object must be well lit
  • simple background with a consistent colour. Keep it simple

What equipment you need for professional product images

Employee Involvement To Upload Professional Product Images

  • Encourage your assigned employee to take a crash course in photography
  • Reward them by listening to their ideas and allowing them to test
  • brainstorm weekly: how to improve, how to make the page better
  • Do not skimp on improving
  • Turn the project into a story
  • Secret to building a loyal team. Assign them an important role and believe they can do it.

The Role of the Professional Website Developer

A website’s foundation should be assigned to a professional website developer. The navigation of the website ensures that your shoppers are easily satisfied and find their items or answers. There are international rules that protect the safety of website browsers. The tactics and principles of marketing which you use on your website determines the revenue your site generates.

We at WSI protect your investment and work towards delivering your expectations. If there is no foreseen positive returns from your marketing investment we will let you know in advance. In other words we do not start a marketing project without deep research. Site audits of your website (with Google Analytics) will show us if your traffic is relevant.

In the meantime gather professional product images for your eCommerce website.