Two Main ways to Advertise on Facebook

watch video for short explanation of the philosophy of advertising on Facebook

Now let me explain further.

Coca Cola and the like Big Business Brands advertise with a lot of promotion. Images, Billboards, television ads, radio, …you name it. And Facebook of course. They’re out there. Nothing wrong with this type of promotion. If they were to stop advertising:

  • people tend to believe that Pepsi has won the ‘War of the Colas’
  • the wavering percentage (the ones who are non-chalant about what Cola people see them drinking) will pick up any cola when they’re thirsty.
  • Any carbonated drink could rise in percentage market share.
  • The diet people may think they’ve won!

It’ll be the death of profits if Coca Cola decides to stop or cut back on advertising

The mistake ‘small-minded’ business folk make is they think they can plaster their sales messages out there just like Coca Cola. The biggest obstacle for such folks is – they hit a wall… they crumble. They blame Facebook and other social platforms for their digital advertising failure. This kind of advertising on Facebook and other social platforms demands much energy Every. Single. Day. Or a LOTTA adspend.

Brand Awareness

This is digital advertising way of saying, “Send your sales message out to all corners of your market.”  People will know you and recognise you when they are ready to buy what you sell. This strategy is plausible but not all the time and definitely not for all launches. Results will come. Do you have the guts to wait? This is the wall that crumbles small business folk. They read a blog article about brand awareness. Hire an agency. And scream bloody murder months later when the sales don’t come streaming in.

There are effective ways to test brand awareness. Call me Today.

Why does plastering your sales messages not work for most businesses? Cause your loyal fan base has not shown up. YET.

But there’s more…Read on.

Does a small business person have time, guts, or deep knowledge of which advertising will work best to bring in consistent the sales? I don’t think so.


So what’s the best way to advertise on Facebook

Numero Uno…(drum roll Please)

The one that never fails:

build relationships

  • Aim Small. Miss Small
  • Personalise your messages
  • Focus on being trustworthy

They will remember you. They will want to try your services. They will refer you to their friends. They will even say hello to you in the grocery.

Either philosophy works. How old is your business? How big is your list of people who have bought from you before? These are only some of the questions I ask before we begin your digital advertising strategy for best results when you advertise on Facebook.