More sales and organic reach happen on Pinterest social platform.

Here are a few reasons why you should be creating pins on your Pinterest boards

  • Pinterest opens the hidden door to new website visits which eventually grows your sales


  • These pins seamlessly point back to your brand’s website. More eyes landing on your website pages means increased traffic as well as increased sales. Design your pins with curiosity and you will cause your visitor to click.


  • Pinterest users are buyers. they come onto the social platform for something to use or buy. Make a great product and they will buy from you instead of making it themselves.

Facebook’s purpose is to keep you connected and up to date with friends and family. You share moments, thoughts, feelings, joy, etc. Users have no intention of searching you out for a solution. All ads are interruption driven and thus is seen as annoying.

  • Their more than 70 million members strong social platform share and search for products and ideas. Average visitor spends 30 minutes browsing through boards and categories.


  • Its a visual search engine. Create quality content and you will have a higher than average opportunity of creating organic shares of your pins that brings traffic to your website pages.


  • Users come to Pinterest looking for ideas of inspiration. Chance of them discovering you is pretty high based on what you upload to your boards and what boards you pin from one of your search sessions. Again, keywords are a vital part of your marketing strategy to successfully generate your traffic.

you can run an online campaign to promote a pin on your board. For now (since last I checked,) organic reach is very promising. When your promotion of your pin ends its like giving your pin a unlimited heat to keep rising (visibility continues to grow). With a facebook ad campaign your promoted ad image disappears.

  • Pinterest analytics can better estimate future sales based on traffic and referral activities of users


  • Best news! Pinterest is female dominated. From other research, even in male-dominated markets women do most of the buying.

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We’ll be talking with an expert who uses Pinterest as her main source of leads and sales. She promoted a pin for 3 months and this pin still generates income one year later. Would you like to know her secrets? Join now.