A Hungry website wants content.

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A Hungry Website|Your Customers Will Not Find Your Starving Website
Sorry, Your Website is only known by your friends and family. Do you have enough friends and family to keep your business alive?

You want business from your website? You want jobs? You have a genius idea and know you can have great success when you hit the market? Having no content marketing plan or do it yourself plan for your website is not a good strategy. Be bold and write your content weekly at least. Be passionate about sharing your ideas around your business.

Digital IT professionals have advertised the crap out of websites. They tell you a website is your answer to all your sales problems. Truth? Your Website is Starving if you build it and wait for people to come. A Well-fed website is one that google will serve up as an option when someone searches for a product or service that you provide.

Look at Amazon! it’s a website. It has conquered serious market share in every industry, in every hobby, in every retail item found anywhere on the planet. How did they do that? Very smart strategies. Marketing Strategies.

The guys who advertise how great websites are never talk about how you should use a website and they never spend time teaching you that you gotta feed your website. By the way; there are many no no’s that IT guys do that look great but are so unnecessary. I’m not here to hit on IT Website developers. The reality is Websites are a marketing tool. It should be built by digital marketing consultants. What makes your Website a working, lucrative website?

Websites need food.

In order for any website to be found; you need to feed it. Keep it alive. So what do websites eat?


So let’s say you sell vegetables. Your website needs content added to it as often as possible. Most business owners want to hear a magic number. Sorry! Well. Maybe I should give you the magic number…It’s the number 1. You need to feed your website with one blog every week. Good content is guided by keywords that are relevant to your products and services.

So Where Do keywords Fit In For A Website content marketing plan?

Ok, ok. I’ll be nice. Your vegetable business is desired by who? Talk to them using words they will use when they are searching for your products online. Talk about the variety of ways you can prepare vegetables so their kids will eat them.

What are vegetables all about? Write about that. I’ll give you another big magic clue. Write about The vegetable of the day in your blog that you write once per day. You should never run out of ideas and topics to write on.

Many websites don’t use their websites properly. Ask yourself the question…Am I getting sales for my business coming from my website? More improtantly…Am I getting visitors to my website? Are my visitors clicking and reading my content. How long are visitors staying on my website? Read this article to understand how you learn about what your visitors are doing on your site.

You can fix your website today by starting to add one blog each day to your website. Keywords that are relevant to your business other than the name of your business is what should be populating your blog.

What started my rant? An advertisement on the television. I went to my computer to check the website. I had the name wrong and couldn’t find the website. I spelled the website wrongly. This simple mistake is made by many website owners as they really do not know what their website really should look like and what it should be able to do when built by an IT professional versus a digital marketing consultant. Problems are huge to you. The solutions to having a not hungry website are simple for me.

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