I will dance for you ’cause that’s what’s trending now. This statement translates into…I’ll do whatever it takes for you to notice me. Then you weave them into what you’re all about.

It has been proven time and time again.

Doing what the competition is doing is not going to get you noticed. neither will it get you more sales.

Advertising online, on the bench, at the bus stop, at the biggest BillBoard in town, on Instagram, on SnapChat,… are necessary. Advertising will not necessarily keep you ahead of the competition.

Walking around town and telling everyone how great your product is…(well, if you wanna keep doing this, go right ahead)

Digital marketing is the best medium to get your message out there. You gotta marry it to what the old marketing gurus did back in the day when door to door salesmen were the trend for high commissions of the great salesmen. (in those days very few women did door to door selling)

No secret here. Just pay attention. When you open your phone on Google search. What do you get? 3 days ago “Trinidad weather” was the trending search. The local weather forecast said rain whole week. People obviously needed to know if the forecast was for real. How do you plan to use this digital marketing tip? Aha…Now that Detective, is the right question. You gotta call me to find out the answer. If you listen to your business brain…it might just tell you.

I will dance for you if you… Know what you are willing to give away. Know what will move your prospect to do what you are asking them to do. Knowing what the competition is giving away and what keywords they are using that is giving them their traffic is SWEET information. Why? in order to win a race all you need to do is be ahead of the next competitor. Why? you could save loads! If you are spending $10K in adspend and competition is doing $7k. When you know this information! You could save $2999. that sounds like a weekend at the beach and more…

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Will I dance for you? That Detective…depends on the digital marketing question you need answered.

images: wikipedia.com