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The Dreaded Online Customer Care

The secret to great customer care is to be ready to serve each person who walks in your store or hops onto your page. AI Technology allows you to respond to them almost immediately whether you have 10 customers or 1000 customers asking you questions all at the same time. Let the AI technology collect customer queries and responses and you spend more time and effort analysing the data you have now collected. Use your data to create ads and content based on these conversations. Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone feels they are the most important person. You will be amazed how quickly you can out a fire when you respond and take care of your customer with AI technology.

Satisfying visitors, calming an irate customer, and turning around disappointed customers has never been so easy. Run away or ignore a bad customer situation and they will haunt you and your brand forever.

The AI technology I recommend here is chatbot software.

customer care technology

Improve online Customer Care with UX (User eXperience)

Write content and ask questions for the sole purpose of showing customer care. If you are at a loss to find out how to add UX factor in your sales funnels and customer journeys start with the data your AI technology collected for you.

You could write similar content to that of your online competitor. This only positions you as a “me too” business.

The same AI technology that collected what concerns your customer or how they want to be served is the same technology you use to continue the conversation. Use your trusted Chatbot software to tell your customer the latest news, what’s going on in your world, or how to use your services to enhance their life… your customers will love you for it. Position your chatbot software as their personal consierge and gently direct them to product or service they are looking for. E.G. Use the chatbot to take the sign-ups of your upcoming events. They no longer need to click three or more times to find your number and then to wait 30 mins to 3 hours waiting to buy their ticket. Close transactions with the speed of light and customer care becomes a cinch for you. Customers love you. All because you invested in the right AI technology that talks to them as if they were the only person in the world. This is the best strategy to reduce your customer care concerns.


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